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AML: ‘Smaller’ stores are path to the future

AML Foods has signalled it paid $1.1m to acquire the future site of its Solomon’s Carmichael store and associated shopping centre as it revealed that “smaller footprint locations” will be its future format.

Bumper business for back-to-school

Barbers and beauty salon reported “great” business over the weekend for the back to school rush.

Quality of new surfaces and banks

Public Works … is anyone checking the quality of new surfacing? Airport Road passed the airport close to One West and the shopping centre to stop flooding they raised the road but what a finish … hope PWD doesn’t pay that contractor … the work has to be redone.

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Three years for firearm, ammunition charges

A MAN was sentenced to three years in prison yesterday after admitting to having a banned assault rifle and ammunition hidden in a wall in his room during a police raid of an auto shop last week.

Road repairs

I saw a letter to the Editor on the dislevel and repair of the Lyford Road right before the shopping centre passed there boy that’s bumpy… Minister Sweeting go check... get it redone please cost to contractor. Why did the contractor leave all that road material on the once grass verge?

Flight simulator business can restart after 4-year Pointe bar

A former tenant at The Pointe should be permitted to “reinvigorate” its business, a Supreme Court justice has ruled, after it was barred by the landlord from accessing vital equipment for almost four years.

Sebas in ‘tax-free zip code’ Aeropost plan

Island Luck's co-founder yesterday said his Aeropost e-commerce platform will differentiate itself from rivals by adding freight-forwarding capabilities that employ a "tax-free zip code" to offer clients better rates.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: East of East Street - an opportunity to get it right

THERE’S a once-in-a-century opportunity in the life of a city to reshape Downtown Nassau and it’s staring us right in the face, begging, pleading for every great idea we’ve got.

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Woman accused of making false kidnapping report

A 33-year-old mother was granted $2,000 bail after she was accused of making a false kidnapping report claiming that a man tried to abduct her 2-year-old daughter at a food store last week.

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Prosecution makes closing arguments against brothers accused of murder

THE prosecution closed its case yesterday concerning two brothers accused of murdering a man in 2019.

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Man found guilty of 2019 murder

DWAYNE Lodimus was found guilty of the 2019 murder of Elroy “Skully” Burrows on Mackey Street as he was walking away from a bar.

$3m Governor’s Harbour project in 45 full-time jobs

A developer is aiming to invest $3m in constructing a 49-unit subdivision and full-service marina at Governor’s Harbour that will create 45 full-time jobs once build-out is completed.

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SUPER VALUE CHIEF: FOOD COST UP 30% – Roberts reveals assessment of 15 common items

Super Value’s principal yesterday said a review of 15 commonly-bought items revealed The Bahamas sustained food inflation of around 30 percent over the past two years, adding: “The customers are re-training us.”

Failure of efforts on environment

Environmental efforts by Government are a failure so far.

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Lawyer resumes representing brothers accused of murder

A JURY heard yesterday that the outfit matching a gunman who killed a man in 2019 was found in the defendants’ car.

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Atlantis sale to ‘bring stability’

Hotel union president Darrin Woods said Brookfield Asset Management selling the Atlantis Paradise Island resort to a reputable hotel chain would “bring stability,” to the property.

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Vendors: Solve parking problems if pedestrianisation gets go-ahead

Straw vendors said yesterday that pedestrianising Bay Street must come with a car park and more marketing of the Straw Market.

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Downtown Management Authority Bill to be presented when Parliament resumes

TOURISM Minister Chester Cooper said yesterday a Bill will be brought to Parliament for the Downtown Management Authority.

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Pit bull dog shot dead after attack on teen girl

POLICE shot and killed one of three unchained pit bulls in Abaco on Friday after a dog seriously injured a teenage girl.

Women United voices disapproval of making false reports of abuse

A WOMEN’S rights advocacy group has voiced its disapproval of false reports made to police and is calling for stiffer penalties for those who make those false reports.