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Why do we make things so difficult?

DOUBLE talk — rubbish or what? Can’t OPM Health get on the same page and stop talking so much garbage of possibly when the Wear Mask Regulation will be cancelled.

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Sales beginning to rise ahead of school return

LOCAL businesses say they are beginning to see sales ramp up as customers shop for supplies in anticipation of the opening of schools in the coming weeks.

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FRONT PORCH: Getting away with murder and other crimes?

THE multiyear COVID- 19 pandemic exacerbated a perennial criminal justice problem in The Bahamas and many other jurisdictions: the inability to prosecute criminals in a timely (swift), certain and fair manner, encapsulated in the coinage, Swift Justice, the concept of which has its origins in the thinking and research of the late American criminologist Mark Kleiman.

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Thompson: What happened to VAT-free holiday periods?

KWASI Thompson, MP for East Grand Bahama, has called on the Government to provide timelines for when it will announce dates for “critical” VAT-free initiatives that would provide savings to Bahamians locally.

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Cruise island expansion to drive 149% visitor rise

Visitors to a cruise line’s Bahamian private island are forecast to increase by more than 427,000 per year once two piers are constructed to allow its vessels to properly dock, it has been revealed.

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Opposition in ‘VAT-free holiday’ fate challenge

The Opposition’s finance spokesman yesterday voiced concern that Bahamian merchants and families could miss out on a significant inflation offset if no Back-to-School ‘VAT-free holiday’ is held this year.

‘Balancing act’ to tackle petroleum dealer issues

The Prime Minister’s spokesperson says the Government is still trying to find a formula that brings the relief demanded by gas station operators but without inflicting more financial pain on already-struggling consumers.

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STATESIDE: Broken down in a town which sums up the confusion at the heart of America

THE day was gloomy and overcast with heavy grey clouds that conjured a wish for a rain shower to wash away all the dispiritedness and reintroduce bright sunshine on a warm summer day.

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Police seek help in solving series of armed robberies

NEW Providence police are requesting assistance from the public to assist them in solving several armed robberies.

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Cruise ship occupancies to hit 110% by end-2022

Nassau Cruise Port’s chief executive yesterday disclosed that average passenger occupancies will hit pre-COVID levels of 110 percent by year-end 2022 and beat its own recovery forecast.

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‘Doctor Tazz’ breaks her silence on infertility and miscarriages in new book

For many years, author and church ministry leader Dr LaTazia “Doctor Tazz” Stuart suffered silently with the secret of infertility and miscarriages, feeling ashamed and embarrassed even after finally having children.

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Briland beach battle escalates over ‘stay’

A four-year battle involving a prominent developer and some of Harbour Island’s ultra wealthy landowners is escalating once again over disputed claims that a Supreme Court Order has been violated.

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Police seek help in finding suspects

POLICE are requesting assistance from members of the public in regard to two crime incidents.

Will a new Commissioner change things?

POLICE Commissioner Clayton Fernander’s pedigree, mostly CID-DIU, could change things, but the data on where the guns come from causes me, and should cause everyone, serious anxiety that little will change.

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‘Pay $1,200 compensation for damaged windshield’

A MAN was ordered to pay $1,200 in compensation to another man yesterday for damaging his car’s windshield.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Don’t be fooled - youngsters know what’s going on and we need their help to change

LAST week, the Regional Conference of Youth on Climate Change was held at University of The Bahamas, bringing young people from the region together to talk about the climate crisis and the climate action we all need to take.

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Three and a half years in jail for thief who broke into convent

A MAN was sentenced to three and a half years in prison yesterday after breaking into a convent and stealing $2,370 worth of gardening and landscaping equipment.

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FNM to renovate centre

THE Free National Movement Council in Grand Bahama is hosting major fundraising events to help renovate the Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield Community Building that sustained severe flood damage during Hurricane Dorian.

COVID’s $9.5bn blow nearly a triple Dorian

The Bahamas will never recover $9.5bn in economic losses and damage caused by COVID-19, it was revealed yesterday, with the pandemic combining with Hurricane Dorian to deliver a shattering $13.1bn blow to this nation.

Retailers enjoying rebound in Independence Day sales

Retailers yesterday said Independence Day sales are much stronger than last year with one reporting a 10 percent year-over-year increase.