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Time to tell the public

The Chair of BP&L, Mr Moxey - his Minister when speaking about the all essential use of standby generators always speaks about their cost, but never speaks or confirms if BP&L makes a profit from their extensive use – why?

So what is the truth at BPL?

BP&L…what is the truth?

BP&L bills

Before BP&L with the assistance of whoever resolves the current catastrophe which PM Minnis and his Cabinet don’t seem to realise, we the public want some indications as to what will this spending of $95m for new engines do to my BP&L bill?

A dinosaur position

Very fortunately for BP&L news distractions take what has been going on at BP&L off the headlines but their issues stand and their issues involve all of us for at least 20 plus years forward so they are extremely important.

Too much secrecy, I fear

Why has Government created around BP&L so much secrecy – unusual lack of transparency?

The buck does indeed stop with the prime minister

Have zero patience anymore, the buck, Mr. Most Honourable Prime Minister, stops right at your desk. A national Address, with a Press Question and Answer, live Press conference broadcast has to happen, as the residents of New Providence cannot take BP&L any longer.

BPL tender issue

Absolutely no apology! I return to the BP&L RFP/tender issue as there has been no resolution to correct malpractice and breach of the Electricity Act 2015. Your Editorial position believing the opinion of BP&L is wrong - you have not spoken to URCA who controls the practice of BP&L who are not lords unto themselves.

Too much hype, not enough beef

Talk in the House of Assembly - Ministers-MP’s need to listen to their comments after they have made contributions.

Straight answers on BPL bidding

I have in front of me an article by Natario KcKenzie of November 21, 2017…BPL studying nineteen bids from power generators.

Is this deal the best we can get?

I AM willing to take Michael Maura’s opinion on the BP&L announcement with Shell.

BPL against the people

The statement from URCA changing their policy concerning parties generating 1mw of alternative No cost to the beast BP&L is incredibly anti-consumer – Anti we The People.

Tease photo

Playhouse Entertainment celebrates fifth anniversary weekend

THIS WEEKEND, the members of Playhouse Entertainment will prepare to hit the town in full force as they stage a series of events in celebration of their fifth anniversary.

We want truth over generators

Serious allegations have been thrown at BP&L over the process of the questioned RFP for the placement of Aggreko standby generators and we read today a statement-comments from the GM and we have to ask – which world is he living?

The BEC shackles

There is no doubt if there is a single economic shackle around all of our necks it has been BEC-BP&L high electricity bills.

Questions over BPL and URCA

There is a headline today: URCA to investigate BPL fires attributed to URCA’s CEO Bereaux. With respect to Mr Bereaux where is the investigation as to why BP&L who are totally governed through URCA did not apply under Articles…15…25-28 for permission to change the type of generation and fuel at Clifton?

A real BPL enquiry?

BP&L - do I believe there is any enquiry going on? No. The enquiry anyway should be on the Shell America deal and BP&L not complying with URCA.

Government seems brain dead

BP&L…receivables of at least $91.6million unsure if that includes what Government owes them, which usually is in excess of $30 million so BP&L are owed a whopping $115 million!

Praise for Fort Charlotte Road Traffic

I am so pleased to be able to write this letter about my successful experience with Road Traffic this month!

A little more digging would be in order

URCA is alike a mouse that roared…is it impotent?

Were all generator bidders invited to conference?

PLATTS Caribbean Energy Conference this week I have to ask did the presence of the Minister responsible for BP&L - the Chairman and the CEO probably by accident compromise the required independent position as a result of the valuable pending RFP result for the supply of Stand-by generators to BP&L?