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Davis’s fight at COP 28

As world leaders convene at COP 28, the stakes could not be higher, especially for nations like the Bahamas. Prime Minister Davis, bearing the weight of our nation's experience with Hurricane Dorian, is set to lead a crucial fight for recognition and action on climate change, a battle underscored by profound human suffering and resilience.

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Pro boxer Carl Hield to square off with Colombian Edinson Jimenez

LESS than a week removed from his second professional win, veteran boxer Carl Hield will be back in the ring again on Tuesday.

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Carl Hield on a roll in pro bouts

SINCE making his professional debut in October, Bahamian boxer Carl Hield has been unstoppable.

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Bail granted to man who was accused of injuring woman during a domestic dispute

A MAN was granted bail yesterday after he allegedly injured a woman during a domestic dispute last week.

‘Tables are turned’: BPSU chiefs in vacation pay fight

An ex-Bahamas Public Service Union (BPSU) president has enjoyed “limited success” in securing the $72,000 in accrued vacation pay he alleges is owed following a furious legal battle.

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THE KDK REPORT: The changing tide

I was born in Nassau, Bahamas, many years after the 1960s civil rights movement and segregation fight that plagued America, our closest neighbour. So, as a young black child, with the fortune of time, I was mercifully and geographically shielded from the weight of my own complexion.

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Euro is gaining


Black Friday is behind us. But the rise of online shopping has reduced the importance of Black Friday as a single day event. What originally started in the US has become a global event.

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IAN FERGUSON: How to avoid strife over family-owned businesses

Many micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in The Bahamas are family-owned sole proprietorships or husband and wife partnerships. There are MSMEs that are quite small, operating in a ‘Mom and Pop’ type fashion, but there are others who have navigated the landscape well enough to grow and expand.

Time for FNM to re-evaluate

The West End and Grand Bahama by-election should be a wake-up call for the FNM. Yes, the PLP poured plenty resources into the contest. They also made plenty promises and signed quite a number of contracts.

Track and Field Classic ‘a tremendous success’

THE inaugural Bahamas Law Enforcement Co-Operative Credit Union Limited’s Law Enforcement Track and Field Classic on Saturday was termed a tremendous success, not just by the organisers, but the participants as well.

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DEREK SMITH: The balance anti-money laundering officers strike

In an era where financial crime is as innovative as the technology that battles it, the role of the compliance officer in the anti-money laundering (AML) domain has never been more pivotal or pressured.

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DEADLY OUTCOME WARNING OVER BAIL: ‘If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t let my brother get bail’, Monitor company details alert system for police, Carlos Reid – curfew stipulations not being enforced

IF Carlisa Davis could rewind time, she wouldn’t let her older brother get bail. Elvardo Deveaux was 19 when he allegedly killed a man on Maxwell Lane and 22 when he was fatally shot on Milton Street.

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INSIGHT: By-election more of a revelation of the state of the FNM than a test of the PLP

WHEN the by-election in West Grand Bahama and Bimini was called following the passing of Obie Wilchcombe, there was a sense that it would be a mid-term test of the PLP administration. In truth, it seems to have turned out to be more of an assessment of the state of the FNM in opposition.

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Nygard scuttled $10m Bay Street wharf sale

Peter Nygard scuttled the $10m sale of a prominent Bay Street property that could play a vital role in downtown Nassau’s rebirth, a Supreme Court judge has revealed.

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COURT FIGHT AHEAD OVER NATIONAL FLAG: Supreme Court rules full trial needed on Bahamas copyright

The Supreme Court has dismissed a second Government bid to strike out a $328.5m damages claim over allegations that it pirated the design for the Bahamian national flag.