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Explorer: We won’t sell off Bahamas heritage

An underwater explorer has pledged not to sell or “split up” the valuable gems and historical artifacts it is recovering from the wreck of a centuries-old Spanish treasure galleon in Bahamian waters.

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PETER YOUNG: The games deliver on cherished friendships

The Commonwealth Games are a unique event. They are based on the strength of the Commonwealth itself and are underpinned by the common core values of equality and mutual respect of this 56-member voluntary association and the support and assistance it provides.

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PM: Priorities are finance and relief to Bahamians

PRIME Minister Phillip “Brave” Davis revealed yesterday that stabilising the country’s finances and bringing economic relief to Bahamians will be key priorities for his administration for the remainder of year.

‘Declare crime a public health emergency’

A LOCAL youth activist has called on the government to formally declare crime as a “public health emergency” due to the overwhelming spate of homicides and shootings in the country.

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Tourism ‘market mix’ can beat Fed’s interest hike

The Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association’s (BHTA) president yesterday voiced optimism that “pent-up” travel demand and a high-end “market mix” can sustain the post-COVID rebound despite the Federal Reserve’s latest tightening.

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Zero tolerance plan to tackle school violence

EDUCATION Minister Glenys Hanna-Martin has warned there will be “zero tolerance” for school violence when campuses reopen in September.

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‘Doctor Tazz’ breaks her silence on infertility and miscarriages in new book

For many years, author and church ministry leader Dr LaTazia “Doctor Tazz” Stuart suffered silently with the secret of infertility and miscarriages, feeling ashamed and embarrassed even after finally having children.

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Turning nature into art

BAHAMIAN artist and wood carver Julian McKenzie believes he is fulfilling a vision God gave him in a dream – carving tree trunks and roots into amazing works of art.

Sir ‘Sonny’ Ramphal releases papers detailing public life

CARIBBEAN and Commonwealth elder statesman, Sir Shridath Ramphal, has released papers on the internet, covering 72 years of public life in the Caribbean, the Commonwealth and internationally.

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THE KDK REPORT: Thicker than water

FEAR is unpredictable. It can turn the brave into heroes or lay bare previously camouflaged cowardly traits for the world to see. But in our darkest hour and for a small few, the fear of the unknown can manifest courage so great it nearly defies explanation. Those are the stories that make headlines. It can also allow those willing to face the storm directly to channel their adversities with grace.

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PM: We can't win this battle alone

PRIME Minister Philip Brave Davis addressed Commonwealth leaders yesterday and repeated the message he has been telling the world of the dangers to The Bahamas from global warning.

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Top squash players to hit the walls swinging

THIRTY local squash players are set to compete in the inaugural Four Walls Squash Open Championship tournament, starting Wednesday at Four Walls Squash and Social Club.

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WORLD VIEW: Summit of the Americas was worth attending

AS beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so is success or failure measured by the beneficiary or the overlooked. Summits of the Americas, from the time they were initiated by the administration of the US in 1994, have overlooked the Caribbean.

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INSIGHT: Cut crime by helping the children scarred by violence

WHEN a murder happens in a community, first responders race to the scene for two reasons – emergency medical personnel handle the victim while the police hunt down the perpetrator.

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COVID rebound uneven for Family Island resorts

Family Island resorts have recovered to 80 percent of pre-COVID business volumes, a senior tourism official has revealed, but the rebound remains uneven because of airlift woes impacting some locations.

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FRONT PORCH: Finding the balance in relations with the US and China

CHINA is obviously not attending the 2022 Summit of the Americas currently being hosted by the United States in Los Angeles. But the country of 1.4 billion looms large as a competitor to the US for the interests, investment needs and geopolitical considerations of the Caribbean and Latin America.

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‘We want to give answers on Long Island crash soon’

TOURISM, Investments and Aviation Minister Chester Cooper says officials are hoping to expedite the investigation report into the Long Island plane crash so that they can provide survivors with answers as soon as possible.

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PETER YOUNG: The other side of the world but how similar is the game being played

GIVEN the US media’s well known preoccupation with domestic affairs, it is perhaps no surprise there was sparse coverage this side of the Atlantic of Australia’s federal elections ten days ago.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: What has happened to us?

WHEN I was young, we carried books to school, not guns. When I was young, I knelt by the side of the bed and prayed asking God to make my family happy, not to keep them safe from the bullets of an evil lunatic or the fury of a troubled teen. When I was young, l was innocent, but the world did not look then like it looks now. The weather was unpredictable, not the person sitting next to you.

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Released sex offender dies from injuries

A SEX offender released from prison last week died in hospital early yesterday morning after being found on a track road suffering from injuries about the body.