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Powerade sponsors BAARK! Potcakeman Triathlon for 10th year

BAARK! (Bahamas Alliance for Animal Rights & Kindness) is scheduled to host its eleventh triathlon at Jaws Beach on Sunday, February 25.

Bahamas working with TCI to establish maritime boundaries between countries

THE Bahamas is working with Turks and Caicos to establish an agreed upon maritime boundary between the two countries.

UNESCO adds Junkanoo to Intangible Cultural Heritage list

JUNKANOO has been inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) of Humanity.

Western Warriors soccer club achieves quadruple BFA championship titles

THE Western Warriors Football (Soccer) Club celebrated an epic season of success in the 2022-2023 Bahamas Football Association leagues, receiving four 1st place trophies in last Saturday’s BFA awards ceremonies. They won titles in the boys under-15 division, under-18, men’s league and the prestigious Men’s Hummel Cup.

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Bahamian importer said he was unaware of guns American man shipped through his service

A POLICE officer testified yesterday in the trial of a businessman who allegedly imported ten firearms and more than 100 rounds of ammunition through a courier company in June.

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WORLD VIEW: Caribbean’s role as a voice of reason in a fractured OAS

On May 31, the Organization of American States (OAS) faced a prolonged and contentious debate that lasted from 2:30 in the afternoon until well past midnight. This episode, marked by acrimony and political undercurrents, which was webcast publicly and instantly to the world, is likely to be revisited during the upcoming OAS General Assembly from June 21 to 23 in Washington, D.C., the headquarters of the OAS.

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Empowerment club holds annual Christmas Party

THE Boys and Girls empowerment club at LW Young held its annual Christmas party at the Fox Hill Community Centre, with Archdeacon Keith Cartwright discussing the purpose of Christmas with the students.

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A ‘coral catastrophe’ discovered in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Parks

THE Perry Institute for Marine Science and The Bahamas National Trust recently discovered a “coral catastrophe” in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Parks, with reports of the most drastic coral bleaching events in recorded history.

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Kwasi: Make sure $2bn investment felt by GB

KWASI Thompson, MP for East Grand Bahama and Shadow Minister for Grand Bahama, has urged the PLP government to ensure the $2bn investment touted by the government brings tangible benefits to Grand Bahamians.

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WORLD VIEW: 1.5°C is upon us - are we prepared?

THE report on May 17, from the World Meteorological Organization, (WMO) that global temperatures are likely to surge to record levels in the next five years should have sent all Caribbean institutions, such as the CARICOM Secretariat, the Caribbean Development Bank, and the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre, into overdrive to explore further ways in which the region could accelerate efforts to avert this calamity.

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WORLD VIEW: Autonomous weapons – a real and urgent danger to people

AS if small states, with limited financial and human resources to safeguard their societies, do not confront enough grave challenges, along comes the phenomenon of “autonomous weapons” – probably the most frightening technological development that has yet been created.

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No ‘monopoly pricing’ through $25m air freight terminal deal

THE Government will not permit “monopoly pricing” by the private operator of Nassau’s air freight terminal, its top finance official asserted last night, as he pledged to make the deal a “win-win-win” for all.

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WORLD VIEW: Decimation of vulnerable nations inevitable if global warming continues on present trend

JOHN Kerry, former US Secretary of State and current US Special Envoy on Climate Change matters, told the world’s Ambassadors at a meeting in Washington, on May 10, that “there is no way” of keeping the rise in global temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius unless CO2 emissions are drastically reduced.

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WORLD VIEW: It’s time the UN Security Council acts to stop the killing in Gaza

THE escalation of violence in Gaza by Israel has prompted a global outcry, marking a rising disgust, particularly among the young, of what is widely regarded as a hugely disproportionate response to the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023.

Junkanoo Beach chief backs management company idea

The Junkanoo Beach Association's (JBA) president yesterday argued that his group would be the best management authority to administer the destination should the Government choose to outsource this responsibility.

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THE KDK REPORT: A golden tutorial

MANY years ago, while I was still a resident on my orthopedic rotation in New York, I was paged to the surgical floor for a code blue emergency. One of our in-house patients was in severe respiratory distress. She was an elderly lady in her late 80s, perhaps early 90s and she was surrounded by her adult children when she suddenly felt weak, began slurring her speech and then stopped responding to their questions altogether. As her children panicked, rubbing her leg and chest and calling out her name, one of her sons yelled for someone to help. The cardiac monitors were beeping loudly and a nurse came running in as the crash team quickly assembled.

WORLD VIEW: CARICOM at 50: there is still hope

JULY 4, 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Chaguaramas, the foundational document that brought the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) into existence. With high hopes and lofty ambitions, the heads of government of the four largest independent Caribbean countries at the time embarked on a journey towards regional integration. They were later joined, to varying degrees of commitment, by 10 other countries.

It’s a new beginning for our Bahamas

A letter to Bahamaland:

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IAN FERGUSON: Going the extra mile on same-day delivery

Over time, businesses have changed and redefined the meaning of success. Being successful during today's age of e-commerce requires convenience and immediacy for consumer. One of the lessons from COVID-19 was that companies must do everything in their power to ensure their goods and services are more accessible.

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Addressing Sudden Death in Youth Sports: A Call for Vigilance and Preparedness

IN the wake of recent tragic events, including the devastating loss of a local student during basketball practice in the Bahamas and other similar incidents across the United States, it is imperative to shine a light on the sobering issue of sudden death in youth sports.