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Bahamian importer said he was unaware of guns American man shipped through his service

A POLICE officer testified yesterday in the trial of a businessman who allegedly imported ten firearms and more than 100 rounds of ammunition through a courier company in June.

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Navigating Electrolyte Balance in Athletes: A Vital Component of Performance and Health Introduction

Electrolytes, the unsung heroes within our bodies, play a crucial role in the athletic arena. Sodium, potassium, chloride and calcium are the cornerstone electrolytes that contribute to proper cellular function, muscle contraction and nerve transmission.

Cargo shipping disruption rises on breakwater woes

Nassau’s main commercial shipping port is warning that repairs to the harbour’s breakwaters are becoming ever-more urgent with “interruptions” to the unloading of cargo vessels “increasing” in recent months.

Early 2024 start to protect Junkanoo Beach’s $8.2m

Nassau harbour’s breakwaters will suffer “total failure” if not repaired, it was revealed yesterday, with additional shoreline protection works required to protect Junkanoo Beach’s $8.2m impact and 150 jobs.

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PM told that BPL fuel hedge ‘in the money’

The Prime Minister was told Bahamas Power & Light’s (BPL) fuel hedge, which his administration has sought to discredit, was “in the money” even though fuel woes “substantially ate into the benefits”.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Ending gender-based violence against women

THE Global 16 Days Campaign, also know as 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, begins on Saturday. This annual campaign runs from November 25 (International Day for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (IDEVAW)) to December 10 (Human Rights Day). This is an important time of year for women’s rights organizations and other non-governmental organizations and movements working to end gender-based violence against women.

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FRONT PORCH: Removal of pride is necessary to experience mercy

PRIDE is a master of disguise. It cloaks itself in all manner of outlandish costumes, intending to mislead oneself and others. Its powers of obfuscation are immense. Pride is so clever, so insidious that it tricks and befuddles our truer selves like a distorting funhouse mirror at a carnival.