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EDITORIAL: Snub the rumours, and let courts do their work

THE accusations surrounding Adrian Gibson MP have landed in a courtroom.

Insurers seek ‘urgent’ PM meeting on VAT reforms

Bahamian insurers are seeking “an urgent meeting” with the Prime Minister before the week ends over VAT-related reforms that will potentially increase medical bills and treatment costs for thousands of Bahamians.

Govt plans medical cannabis regulation

ATTORNEY General Ryan Pinder says the Davis administration intends to advance comprehensive legislation to regulate a medical cannabis industry and a separate framework for industrial hemp.

Vehicle theft claims ‘out of the ordinary’

A Bahamian insurer says an “out of the ordinary” increase in motor vehicle theft claims was among the principal factors why it missed profit projections for 2021.

Feeling pinch of inflation

Some months ago, the former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers predicted the oncoming onslaught of inflation and offered advice on how the US government ought to counter it. However, the Joe Biden led government ignored him and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

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Saunders hits his first home run for Cyclones, BJ Murray overcomes slow start

WARREN Saunders hit his first home run for the Brooklyn Cyclones while BJ Murray overcame a slow start to emerge as an offensive leader for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans in Single A Baseball.

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DEREK SMITH: ‘Box checking’ no security guarantee

A new era of technology-based businesses has begun. Technology is used for every aspect of business, from accepting client instructions electronically to processing credit cards, accepting wire transfers and storing employee and customer information. Simply put: Any business requirement can be met with technology.

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DEREK SMITH: Compliance amid rapid business change is key

Internal and external stakeholders, particularly in the areas of data protection and environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibility, are placing increasing emphasis upon compliance. This compels chief compliance officers, chief risk officers and other executives to create a more flexible and responsive compliance function, even as they manage rising costs and company-wide expense-cutting pressures.

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PETER YOUNG: A nation united for a Queen revered

THE Platinum Jubilee in Britain was nothing less than a glorious success and a triumph for The Queen, for the monarchy as an institution and for the whole country.

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TARGET TIMING OF RAPE IN MARRIAGE: Churches agree step to protect separating couples is necessary

BAHAMAS Christian Council president Bishop Delton Fernander says the church will support efforts by government to tighten the law to provide protection against rape for spouses in the period between legal separation and divorce.

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FINANCE STAFF ACCUSED OF $4M OVERPAYMENT: Glover-Rolle says officers adjusted their own pay rates

STATE Public Service Minister Pia Glover-Rolle has accused some finance officers of adjusting the system to increase their pay rates, resulting in a collective overpayment of $4m.

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COVID entry testing to end ‘even if not correct’

COVID “fatigue” and economic pressures will likely see The Bahamas follow the US lead and eliminate entry testing “even if it is not the right thing to do”, a prominent doctor conceded yesterday.

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Franklyn Petion seeks assistance

Franklyn Petion has overcome several setbacks over the course of his collegiate basketball career and is now seeking assistance to complete his academic and athletic goals.

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Coral killer will ‘decimate’ tourism, fisheries sectors

The Bahamas National Trust’s (BNT) top executive yesterday warned that tourism and other coral reef-reliant industries will be “decimated” unless this nation rapidly arrests the spread of a killer disease for these key marine ecosystems.

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STATESIDE: The effect of the West’s sanctions on Russia

HERE’S a bet that you’re thinking a lot less this morning about the war in Ukraine than you were just a couple of weeks ago. It’s become kind of old news. That’s kind of amazing, considering that this is the first major land war in Europe in most all of our lifetimes – since 1945.

‘Can’t be left behind’ in competitive world

The global pandemic has presented us with many opportunities and lessons for creating a society that is more sustainable and better prepared.

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Managing the Budget’s perils

The 2022-2023 Budget has generated vibrant, robust discussion in certain quarters and an uncanny level of silence in others.