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THE KDK REPORT: A thousand percent

THERE is a rhythm to island life that foreigners may appreciate but only natives can fully understand. Day by day, the oft dull percussions of the land and sea beat slowly with no regard for time. Islanders move at their own pace and work if they feel like it or if they must.

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Legal dispute erupts on $1.3m Post Office deal

A fledging Bahamian company that won a $1.323m bid to digitise the Post Office’s services has launched legal action over allegations it has been prevented from fulfilling the contract award.

‘Tables are turned’: BPSU chiefs in vacation pay fight

An ex-Bahamas Public Service Union (BPSU) president has enjoyed “limited success” in securing the $72,000 in accrued vacation pay he alleges is owed following a furious legal battle.

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Bahamians ‘get better IP protections abroad’

Bahamians are better able to safeguard their intellectual property rights and innovations in foreign countries than at home due to an existing regime that is “so antiquated”, the Attorney General said yesterday.

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WSC worker denies being coerced to testify against Gibson

A SENIOR employee at the Water and Sewerage Corporation denied a defence attorney’s suggestion yesterday that she was coerced into giving evidence against Adrian Gibson and his co-accused to avoid being charged in the case.

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STATESIDE: Polls showing young and black voters may abandon Democrats

“OH my God!” a veteran pundit exclaimed. “Look at this!” She pointed to a recent copy of the New York Times with the following headline: “Why Biden’s weakness among young voters should be taken seriously.”

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Funeral chief’s partial win in stolen auto loan battle

A funeral home principal has won a partial victory in her legal appeal over a case where Bank of The Bahamas extended a combined $74,000 in auto loans despite knowing one vehicle was stolen.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Who is a woman?

SATURDAY, November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (IDEVAW), marked the beginning of the Global 16 Days Campaign, also known as 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.

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Nipped in the Bud: Brewery reversal over 40-year tie-up

Commonwealth Brewery yesterday suffered a reversal as the Court of Appeal sided with Budweiser’s global parent in the dispute over the termination of their 40-year Bahamian distribution deal.

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Gov’ts deficit near-miss as VAT $160m off target

The Government narrowly missed its deficit target for the recently closed 2022-2023 fiscal year despite a near-$160m undershoot on its VAT forecast, it was revealed yesterday.

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Cat Island woman’s murder trial sees testimony focus on victim’s body

A POLICE officer testified that the body of American Janice Kessinger was found nude on a beach in Cat Island in 2017 with gold jewellery on a cord around her neck.

Pintard resignation is bad idea

On A ZNS Radio talk show on the day following the West Grand Bahama and Bimini by-election, several callers suggested to the Progressive Liberal Party leaning host that Free National Movement Leader Michael Pintard, in keeping with our outdated Westminster system of government, should resign his position as leader.

Largest Bahamas First stake targeted in acquisition move

The largest shareholding in Bahamas First may soon change hands with the potential buyer already signalling its desire to expand that ownership interest beyond the initial 20 percent.

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INSIGHT: By-election more of a revelation of the state of the FNM than a test of the PLP

WHEN the by-election in West Grand Bahama and Bimini was called following the passing of Obie Wilchcombe, there was a sense that it would be a mid-term test of the PLP administration. In truth, it seems to have turned out to be more of an assessment of the state of the FNM in opposition.

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Govt leasing 18 rooms for Bahamians displaced by shanty town demolitions

MINISTER of State for Social Services Myles Laroda said 18 rooms at the Poinciana Arena on Bernard Road have been leased to provide housing assistance to Bahamians displaced by shanty town demolitions.

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Corrections officers’ promotions will be delayed until 2024, says Glover-Rolle

PUBLIC Service and Labour Minister Pia Glover-Rolle said promotions for more than 400 Bahamas Department of Corrections officers won’t happen before the end of the year because the documents, which were recently submitted, must be processed one by one.

Time for FNM to re-evaluate

The West End and Grand Bahama by-election should be a wake-up call for the FNM. Yes, the PLP poured plenty resources into the contest. They also made plenty promises and signed quite a number of contracts.

Smaller delegation for COP28 meeting in Dubai

FEWER than 20 people will be a part of the delegation attending COP28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, next week, far fewer than the group of 70 that represented the country in Egypt during last year’s event.

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Bahamas broker’s clients: ‘We’ll be left with nothing’

Deloitte & Touche liquidators and their attorneys have been awarded over $1m in costs despite clients of a collapsed Bahamas broker/dealer voicing fears this payment leaves nothing for them to recover.

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$200m renewable fund eyes summer ‘24 launch

The Ministry of Finance’s top official yesterday said he is targeting summer 2024 for the launch of an up to $200m fund that will finance renewable energy’s build-out across The Bahamas.