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FTX’s Bahamas creditors say minimal sums owed

Multiple Bahamian companies identified as FTX creditors yesterday asserted that the purported sums owed to them were minimal to non-existent.

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STATESIDE: Political grandstanding and distractions expected as US Congress grapples with debt and spending

THERE seems to be so many distractions in the US these days, even as an ominously deepening war in Ukraine threatens truly dire consequences.

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FRONT PORCH: Dysfunction, decay and dilapidation in Bahamaland

ON ITS website, the Ministry of Tourism boasts of Cable Beach: “This beach is world famous for its fabulous sand and crystal waters and for the myriad upscale resorts that line it.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Anti-Haitian sentiment rooted in white supremacy

LAST week, in response to questions about shantytowns in Abaco, Member of Parliament for Central and South Abaco John Pinder said: “We’re gonna lose our father’s place. Our ancestors settled there[…]”

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Call for extension for paid maternity leave

ACTIVIST Alicia Wallace is calling for paid maternity leave to extend beyond the current 13-week period for mothers following the recent deaths of two infants in the past week.

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'Right track': Gov't push for big GBPA shake-up

The Prime Minister yesterday said the Government is in talks with the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) to place Freeport "on the right track" as it pushes for a major shake-up in the city's governance.

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Construction chief challenges minority foreign owner block

The Bahamian Contractors Association's (BCA) president has challenged whether the Government can lawfully bar a foreign investor from becoming a minority partner in a local construction company.

AID 'most concerned' over BPL rate hikes

A major Bahamian retailer yesterday voiced optimism that 2023 will be "marginally better" than last year while revealing it is "most concerned" about Bahamas Power & Light's (BPL) rate hikes depressing consumer spending.

Modernisation of healthcare needed

Please allow me space in your daily to express a concern. It is said that the Health of a Nation is the Wealth of the Nation. If this is to be taken literally, then we are not amongst the wealthy.

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PETER YOUNG: European trade unions flex their muscles amid rising inflation

THE extent to which industrial action by militant trade unions is currently causing chaos across Europe may come as a surprise to some. But it is, I think, worth examining as a sign of the times.

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Ann Marie Davis calls for more help for victims families

LOCAL advocacy group Families of All Murder Victims yesterday honoured the families’ 20 victims, with the day being proclaimed FOAM Day after a ten-year fight by the group’s founder.

Village Rd ‘can see finish’ following up to 70% losses

Village Road businesses yesterday said they can “see the finish line” on year-long roadworks that have caused sales revenue to plummet by up to 70 percent.

Insurers: ‘Everyone will pay’ if storm cover unaffordable

Bahamian insurers yesterday warned that “everyone will have to pay” if hurricane coverage becomes increasingly unaffordable with the issue representing a growing public policy “dilemma” for the Government.

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Baby boy aged three months dies at daycare

POLICE are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a three-month-old boy who was found unresponsive at a local daycare centre yesterday.

THE KDK REPORT: A house divided

SEVERAL years ago, a palliative nurse in Australia wrote a book detailing the top five regrets of individuals on their deathbed.

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INSIGHT: How we can honour Kenise and help save others

THE tragic story of Kenise Darville has been in the spotlight over the past few days and many are wanting to know why we can’t do better when it comes to the care we offer our citizens.

EDITORIAL: All quiet over Onego Traveller recovery operation

SINCE the cargo ship the Onego Traveller sank in waters off Abaco on December 29, there has been a curious absence of information from the government about salvage and remediation efforts.

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Entrepreneur hopes cruise giant’s PI ‘invasion’ ending

A Bahamian entrepreneur has voiced renewed optimism that Royal Caribbean may be halting its “invasion” of his leased Crown Land after it purportedly submitted a revised proposal for its $110m Paradise Island project.

Bahamas aviation fee defence ‘a red herring’

US airlines yesterday slammed the Government’s “red herring” defence of an air navigation system that allegedly costs just 1 percent of the fees charged by The Bahamas.

Scotia: 95% gone online amid ‘lousy’ service claim

SCOTIABANK (Bahamas) will this year test mobile banking technology capable of serving all Family Islands, its top executive said yesterday, with 95 percent of customer transactions now conducted online or at ABMs.