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Sweeting: Review committee looking to give local government ‘more teeth’

OFFICIALS are looking at possibly amending the Local Government Act to give it more “teeth”, Agriculture, Marine Resources and Family Island Affairs Minister Clay Sweeting said yesterday.

Dame Marguerite

Seems she did not receive an “official invitation” - who organises the national events? Cabinet Office and mostly Ministry of Foreign Affairs - suggest possibly the plot thickens here and now - so Foreign Affairs who invites presumably omitted Dame Marguerite.

Warning on crime

I had written several Letters to the Editor in 2022 in The Tribune newspaper giving great recommendations and suggestions to deter gangs, reduce guns and prevent crime in the Bahamas.

EDITORIAL: A clever solution to a long-time problem

THERE always seems to be more problems in public life than solutions – so when an imaginative way to resolve an issue is suggested, it is well worth taking a moment to applaud it.

We need a ‘New Day’ as to how we operate

FTX crash brought me to think about our past and certainly suggest the theme adopted by the PLP in the last election is of significance and exceptional importance. Editor, we need a ‘New Day’ as to how we operate and give concessions - licences to unsavory parties.

Corporal punishment

“Corporal punishment is not abuse”, says Bishop. The Tribune featured a story, “Corporal punishment is not abuse” says Bishop. Where is the Tribune trying to lead us? The newspaper presents some strong statistics, such as 90% of Bahamians identify as being Christians. From a social point of view, it seems we are truly failing as a nation.

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Man found dead may have been attacked by dogs

Police are investigating after the body of man was found on Palm Tree Avenue early on Saturday with injuries suggesting he may have been attacked by dogs.

Cement shortage raises fears of 20% price hike

Cement shortages have hit the Bahamian construction industry at least three times in the past month, it was revealed yesterday, with suppliers yesterday suggesting the backlog will cause a 20 percent cost hike for the sector.

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PM calls on UN to ‘step up’ on human trafficking

AS he spoke of his administration’s plans to fortify the country’s borders in a bid to stave off increased migrant crossings, Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis revealed that The Bahamas opted not to sign a declaration that suggested nations host undocumented people last June.

Citizenship - who has right?

Citizenship - who has the right to it?

Tribune headline

While your story appearing in the business section of Thursday the 15th September, 2022 regarding a recent action involving two erstwhile clients of mine was somewhat balanced in its content, the chosen headline (“Ex-Minister’s son Denies Land Fraud”) tends to suggest that I was either a party or defendant to the action in question.

Electric cars

EV’s or in simple language ‘electric vehicles.’

Trade stats show continuing rebound

NEW trade data suggests a rebound for the Bahamian economy as imports and exports are up year-on-year.

Gas station tax relief is ‘the right approach’

The Prime Minister’s hint that the Government is mulling lower taxation for gas station operators was yesterday branded the “right approach” even though margin increases may not be considered.

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‘World wants us to absorb all who leave Haiti’ - PM

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said despite the world suggesting that The Bahamas “should absorb all of those who leave Haiti”, the government will not open the country’s borders to irregular migration.

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Coalition gives govt ‘14 days’ to act on migration

MEMBERS of the Coalition of Independents protested outside the Office of the Prime Minister yesterday over what they term to be an immigration crisis in the country.

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Coalition of Independents holds protest over illegal immigration

MEMBERS of the Coalition of Independents protested outside the House of Assembly Wednesday over what they deem an immigration crisis, narrowing in on Haitian nationals.

Bahamas eyes travel ease for Saudi and Middle East

THE deputy prime minister has suggested that visa waivers and electronic visas will be some of the tools employed to boost travel to The Bahamas from Saudi Arabia and other Middle East states.

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Law compliance fear over BPL fuel costs

Concerns were voiced yesterday that Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) could potentially be violating the law by failing to fully pass its fuel costs on to residential and business consumers.

Key files ‘removed’ at Beach Authority

STAFF at Bahamas Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority were told to file a police report after files from a computer in the office were downloaded and removed “after hours” without approval.