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Gas station tax relief is ‘the right approach’

The Prime Minister’s hint that the Government is mulling lower taxation for gas station operators was yesterday branded the “right approach” even though margin increases may not be considered.

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Woman comes forward as police seek to identify boy found dead in pond

A WOMAN has come forward to police to file a missing persons report following the discovery of a child submerged in a pond on Tuesday.

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Commodore: Ships with migrants are stopped

ROYAL Bahamas Defence Force Commodore Raymond King said interceptions of migrant vessels have been largely successful for the year, noting there had been no recent illegal landings in the country.

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Wilchcombe ‘to meet’ church on marital rape

SOCIAL Services and Urban Development Minister Obie Wilchcombe said he intends to meet with church leaders this month to the discuss the issue of marital rape.

Why do we make things so difficult?

DOUBLE talk — rubbish or what? Can’t OPM Health get on the same page and stop talking so much garbage of possibly when the Wear Mask Regulation will be cancelled.

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FRONT PORCH: Good habits help reduce crime

AMID the surge in violent crime and gang retaliation, some Bahamians suggest law-abiding citizens need not worry that gang members are killing each other. The argument is the former are doing the country and the police a favour.

US: Bahamas campaign finance open to abuses

The US government has warned that election campaign financing in The Bahamas remains wide open to abuse that exposes this nation’s governance to “corruption and foreign influence”.

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Police investigate suspected suicide

POLICE are investigating an alleged suicide in the Carmichael Road area.

Businessman: Gold Rock’s exit comes after expansion

A Bahamian businessman yesterday voiced surprise that Gold Rock and its principals have decided to exit Freeport after expanding the size of their business interests in recent years.

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‘Taking Over-the-Hill projects to new level’

A prominent doctor is asserting that his planned 15-storey parking garage and residential condo complex on Collins Avenue will “take Over-the-Hill developments by Bahamians to another level” if approved.

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Expand visa system to control Haitian flow

HAITIAN Chargé de Affairs Anthony Pierre Brutus says he believes the only way to discourage Haitians from travelling illegally to and from The Bahamas is to grant visas to the community.

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Firms ‘bleeding red’ as inflation hits 6.2% high

An accountant yesterday warned that “many Bahamian businesses are on the cusp of being in the red” as local inflation hit a “record” 6.2 percent increase for the 12 months to end-June 2022.

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‘Success formula rethink’ on Eleuthera’s BPL woes

Eleuthera’s Chamber of Commerce president yesterday said the island “needs to rethink the formula for our success” with rolling power outages and blackouts set to potentially impact the island until Tuesday next week.

CARICOM at its limits?

I am indebted for the title of this commentary to the Honourable Bruce Golding, a former Prime Minister of Jamaica, who has been and remains one of the foremost political minds in the Caribbean and wider afield.

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Parliament’s IBC error key in Bacardi rum fortune fight

The now-former chief justice has ordered that a Bahamian International Business Company (IBC) be resurrected from its dissolution more than 17 years ago to rescue multi-billion dollar litigation involving the Bacardi rum fortune.

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STATESIDE: You have to play close attention to follow how this game is being played

The notion of outside manipulation of American elections is now part of the contemporary political lexicon, thanks to the shenanigans of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump’s amateurish but successful 2016 presidential campaign.

Explorer: We won’t sell off Bahamas heritage

An underwater explorer has pledged not to sell or “split up” the valuable gems and historical artifacts it is recovering from the wreck of a centuries-old Spanish treasure galleon in Bahamian waters.

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‘No deal breaker’: Lucayan sale gets 45-day extension

The Grand Lucayan’s chairman yesterday reassured there is “no deal breaker” after it was agreed that negotiations over the hotel’s sale be extended by 45 days to September 15.

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ALICIA WALLACE: Free in name - but what does it really mean for individuals and society?

EVERY year, we celebrate Emancipation Day, often referred to as August Monday. In a statement released on Monday, Niambi Hall Campbell- Dean, PhD, Chair of the Bahamas National Reparations Committee acknowledged there are varying ideas about the meaning of “freedom” and how it is (not) realized and embodied.

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PETER YOUNG: The games deliver on cherished friendships

The Commonwealth Games are a unique event. They are based on the strength of the Commonwealth itself and are underpinned by the common core values of equality and mutual respect of this 56-member voluntary association and the support and assistance it provides.