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Three armed roberries take place within 24 hours on New Providence

THREE-armed robbery incidents happened less than 24 hours apart in New Providence on Wednesday.

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Two dozen undocumented Chinese migrants apprehended

AUTHORITIES apprehended 24 undocumented Chinese immigrants in separate incidents in Grand Bahama and Bimini on Monday.

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BLTA returns to hosting international tourneys

THE Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association (BLTA) is pleased to announce its return to hosting international tournaments.

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Halkitis: Not considering fuel retailers margin fix

ECONOMIC Affairs Minister Michael Halkitis confirmed yesterday that the Davis administration is not considering adjusting price margins in favour of petroleum retailers despite some refusing to sell diesel amid complaints about high operating costs.

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DIESEL SALES HALT TO LAST UNTIL MARGIN RESOLUTION: However, sites owned by FOCOL continue to make fuel available

Bahamian petroleum retailers have "no intent to disenfranchise the motoring public", their president asserted yesterday, as he warned that the halt to diesel sales will "go on until such time" as their plight is resolved.

PM says dealers 'impacting themselves' with diesel halt

The Prime Minister yesterday said his "technical team" is working on a resolution to the petroleum dealers' margin increase demands as many continued the halt to diesel sales for a third day.

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Portuguese nationals in the country illegally found at Grand Bahama hotel

TEN Portuguese nationals who were in the country illegally were discovered at a local hotel on Thursday in Grand Bahama, where there has been an upsurge this week in the apprehension of illegal immigrants.

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TUC head says they will fight to make Employment Act more worker-friendly

AS Labour Day nears, some union leaders have pledged to fight for amendments that make the Employment Act more worker-friendly.

Response to Pastor Rex Major

We write to express our deep concern and disappointment regarding the comments of Rev Rex Major at a recent national ecumenical church service where our national leaders were present.

Have we learned our lesson yet?

Mankind has long pondered, studied, and questioned our purpose in life that exists upon pendulum swings between balance and domination. The COVID-19 pandemic certainly disrupted our entire world order. Have we emerged from this dangerous scourge any wiser than before, since it appears that we will be entering another questionable era of Artificial Intelligence, or AI next? Are we content to accept that such are the rapid advances of modern life, rather than question and reflect?

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Perry Newton: ‘So far it’s been a very good year’

Despite the fact there has been some turmoil in the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association over the past few years, Perry Newton is still determined to manoeuvre through the storm to carry out his mandate as president.

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Insurer uproar on Gov'ts 50% investment 'dictate'

Bahamian insurers yesterday blasted the Davis administration for seeking to "dictate" their investment strategy by mandating that a "minimum" 50 percent of their total portfolio be held in government securities.

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FRONT PORCH – Rev CB Moss: Genuine patriot who called the country to greater righteousness

MUCH that masquerades or passes for patriotism at home and abroad is counterfeit, sometimes jingoistic and bellicose or, alternatively, saccharine and suffused with empty romanticism and gaudy nostalgia.

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'Anyone who wants diesel able to buy it'

FOCOL Holdings chairman yesterday voiced optimism that "anyone who wants to buy diesel on this island can get it" even though "the majority" of petroleum retailers were said to have stopped sales of this fuel.

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Craig Flowers and FML face winding-up petition

FML's ex-chief operating officer has filed a Supreme Court petition to have the web shop chain wound-up as his five-year legal battle with Craig Flowers escalates into a new phase.

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$6m 'breathing room' no long-term gas solution

Bahamian petroleum dealers yesterday argued that '"a short-term injection doesn't alleviate the problem" of fixed margins after a Cabinet minister disclosed the Government provided $6m in "relief" to the industry last year.

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Judge: 'Now clear' Baha Mar sabotaged by CCA

Sarkis Izmirlian yesterday secured a major legal victory after a New York judge ruled "it is now clear" that China Construction America (CCA) sabotaged Baha Mar's completion and orchestrated the developer's removal.