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IAN FERGUSON: Managers must relate to their older workers

Being an effective manager takes critical skills such as leadership, communication and strategic planning. It takes time to build rapport and respect with a team, and managers who do not take the time to do this can have a negative impact on team performance and morale.

Don’t suffer buyer’s remorse over solar

THE decision to install a solar system should not be taken lightly. It is a significant investment that you are going to have to live with and pay for in years to come. All solar systems are not created equal, and all installation professionals do not adhere to professional and ethical business standards. Great care is therefore required as you consider this investment.

Minister: $24m Chinese funding for local projects

The Government is targeting agriculture and fisheries partnerships with China, a Cabinet minister has disclosed, with $24m now available for local development projects.

Building suppliers paint tough materials picture

Construction suppliers yesterday predicted that paint prices will increase by more than 7 percent building due to an “unprecedented” lack of raw materials amid the global supply chain crisis.

Family Islands: We must learn to live with COVID

Family Island businesses yesterday said The Bahamas must learn to live with COVID-19 as it did with HIV in the early 1980s amid an ongoing infection spike in their communities.

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ART OF GRAPHIX: Putting favourite formats on file

PNG (portable network graphic) is a type of image file that is often favoured in web design and creative projects involving Photoshop or similar software. It is a type of file that allows an object to be placed into software with a clear background or as a partially transparent image, making it especially useful when creating a graphic from multiple layers. PNG is one of my favourite image files.

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WORLD VIEW: For small states, climate change conference is last chance saloon

IT IS nothing short of shocking to learn that, despite the fact that the world is teetering dangerously on the precipice of a climate catastrophe with fatal consequences for small island states, some rich nations are lobbying against paying to help developing countries mitigate the effects of climate change.

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Hield sets franchise record

Chavano “Buddy” Hield’s sharpshooting continues to etch his name into the Sacramento Kings record books.

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Swimmer Davante Carey and Bearcats improve to 7-0

DAVANTE Carey had an active weekend for the McKendree Bearcats Swimming as the No.4 ranked team improved to 7-0 in dual meets this season.

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Blazers rout Ayton and Suns for first win of season

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Trail Blazers head coach Chauncey Billups was happy to have an extra pair of clothes on Saturday night. He needed them after getting drenched by his players as they celebrated his first career victory as a head coach.

Facility upgrade at Pinewood Park for home run derby week

ONE of the newest and most anticipated additions to Don’t Blink Home Run Derby in Paradise Week of events will be the community outreach project to upgrade the facilities at Pinewood Baseball Park.

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HUBERT EDWARDS: Bahamas requires open reckoning on challenges

The economic recovery for The Bahamas must be urgent, broad-based, strategic and focused on multiple areas at the same time. Every effort must take on a holistic approach, designed to secure fundamental and sustainable fixes for the issues that have plagued the country for decades, and create economic growth but not just for the initial recovery. Anything that is otherwise will be detrimental to the long-term well-being of the nation. In this piece, I look at some select areas of the recent Speech from the Throne.

Farm slams 29-year wait for Crown grant

An Abaco farmer has slammed multiple administrations for “unkept promises” when it comes to providing a Crown Land grant for property they have spent more than 29 years developing.

Investors warned to look before leaping

The Bahamas International Securities Exchange’s (BISX) chief executive is urging investors to conduct proper risk assessments before parting with their capital.

Dealer says electric autos key in climate change fight

Electric cars will be vital in the fight against climate change, a Bahamian auto dealer says, while aiding the push to generate 30 percent of the country’s energy needs from renewables by 2030.

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WHILE mainstream in the US, the vehicle of a SPAC also found its way into Europe in the beginning of 2021 and changed the IPO (initial public offering) landscape.

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10252021 EDITION

Monday, 25th October, 2021.

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Monday, 25th October, 2021.

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‘DYING PEOPLE TOO SLOW TO SEEK HELP’: Darville says patients not seeking medical aid until it is too late

HEALTH and Wellness Minister Dr Michael Darville has lamented the country’s rising COVID-19 death toll, saying local health experts believe it is the result of people seeking medical intervention too late in their illness when help is less likely to yield results.

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‘Police force tribunals should not be secret’

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe said the outcome of Royal Bahamas Police Force Disciplinary Tribunal proceedings should not be kept secret from Bahamians unless a compelling rationale exists.