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Bank client switch raises questions

A Central Bank-appointed administrator has transferred former Lucayas Bank (PIB) clients, and their assets, to another Bahamas-based institution whose ultimate principal has since been charged with bribery in the US.

Ex-minister’s son denies land fraud

A former Cabinet minister’s son yesterday vehemently denied allegations that he played a key role in a land fraud conspiracy involving two Exuma cays worth a combined $29m.

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Title fraud blocks $29m Exuma deal

The purchase of two Exuma cays, worth a collective $29m, by a US investor has been overturned by the Supreme Court which found the Bahamian vendors obtained ownership of the islands via fraud.

Key City Markets pension asset faces decade tie-up

A trustee for City Markets employee pension fund yesterday warned that the dispute over its main asset “must be resolved out-of-court” otherwise it will be tied up in litigation for another decade or more.

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Union chief hails ‘very good Gov’t marriage’

A trade union leader yesterday hailed “the very good marriage” that presently exists between the Government and organised labour, adding: “We’re trying to get our country back to where it used to be.”

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FRONT PORCH: Passing of Queen Elizabeth II – Continuity and change

WHEN Elizabeth II ascended the British throne in 1952, Joseph Stalin was Premier of the Soviet Union. When she passed away a week ago, there was no longer a Soviet Union and Vladimir Putin was President of Russia.

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STATESIDE: Queen’s passing sent a shock wave around the world

DOES it feel to you that the world has somehow become a less comfortable, secure and stable place since the death of Queen Elizabeth II just a week ago? Whether or not you feel The Bahamas should remain in the Commonwealth of Nations or follow the path of Barbados into republican status, the queen’s passing seemed to send a shock wave around the world. Her death, though at her age of 96 it was hardly unexpected, was an emotional tsunami. She had that kind of impact around the world.

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BJ Murray and Cubs one win away from championship series

BJ Murray and his South Bend Cubs continued their dominant second half into the postseason and are one win away from the Midwest League championship series.

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World Baseball Classic qualification: Team Great Britain in training camp

TEAM Great Britain, including members of the Bahamian contingent, has arrived in Regensburg, Germany and are currently in training camp as they prepare to chase 2023 World Baseball Classic qualification.

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09152022 EDITION

Thursday, 15th September, 2022.

Tropical depression 7 forms, may become a tropical storm

MIAMI (AP) — A tropical depression formed in the Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday morning and forecasters at the U.S. National Hurricane Center said it could strengthen to a tropical storm.

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PM: NOT THE TIME FOR REPUBLIC DEBATE – Discussion can be had after official mourning period ends

PRIME Minister Phillip “Brave” Davis said he does not believe now is the time to start having conversations about the country’s future with the monarchy following Queen Elizabeth II’s death, adding that discussions over the issue can be had after the official mourning period ends.

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‘Sick of the principal’ say teachers who skip work

THIRTY teachers at Thelma Gibson Primary School did not report to work yesterday because they are “sick of the principal”, according to Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT) president Belinda Wilson.

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Adrian Gibson to face court on September 23

LONG Island member of Parliament Adrian Gibson will face Supreme Court Justice Bernard Turner on September 23 regarding his corruption trial.

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Forecasters keeping close watch on weather system

LOCAL forecasters are keeping a close watch on an approaching weather system that developed into a tropical storm last night.

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Protest of law that doesn’t exist

PROTESTORS, led by the Coalition of Independents, flooded Parliament Square yesterday outraged over what they claimed was the government’s “intention” to advance drafted citizenship bills relating to issues that were initially rejected during the 2016 referendum.

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Jones: ‘We are taking it one game at a time’

Jonquel reacts to Game 2 loss

Jonquel Jones and the Connecticut Sun are once again facing a must-win situation to keep their 2022 season alive.

EDITORIAL: Which Mr Davis should we listen to?

LET us hear a tale of two opinions on whether The Bahamas should become a republic.

Water crisis

I would like to write about a crisis we are and probably will experience sometime in our lives. Something many of us take for granted, that of water availability and purity. There are 37 nations globally who are experiencing extreme water stress today. Seven of these nations are Caribbean. Water Resource Groups estimate that by 2030, if no action is taken, with the projected population and economic growth rates, water demand will out pace globally supply by 40%.

Marriage Act

Not wanting to get ahead of the discussion, but with the upcoming third attempt of amending the Marriage Act, we can presume that many of the “i’s” and “t’s” have been crossed and the passing will only be a formality after the planned symposium irons out the kinks.