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Salavation Army school for the blind celebrates 65th Anniversary

LAST Friday, the Salvation Army Erin H Gilmour School for blind and visually impaired children successfully celebrated its 65th anniversary with a gala dinner featuring a former Hollywood child actor as a special guest.

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Out of the darkness

After being unemployed for over a year, popular local musician and artist Steve “Too Loose” Holden had to face yet another challenge – an unexpected medical condition which led to mounting treatment costs, but which ultimately restored some of his fa

Stem cells to treat blindness appear to be safe

LONDON (AP) — An experimental treatment for blindness that uses embryonic stem cells appears to be safe, and it improved vision in more than half of the patients who got it, two early studies show.

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Minister declines permit turnaround time commitment

The minister responsible for immigration yesterday declined to commit to the ‘20-day response’ timeframe sought by the private sector for work permit approvals, admitting that “a drastic increase” in staff and technology was required to achieve this.

Overall results best ever for Bahamian team at Lil Mo Jr Championships

THE 2013 Lil Mo International Junior Championships came to a close on Wednesday with a number of age group finals.

National Bowling championships set for May 17-29

THE Bahamas Bowling Federation (BBF) has announced that the National Championships will take place from May 17-29 at the Mario’s Bowling and Entertainment Palace.

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Exam results graded a D

DESPITE the government’s stated focus on improving public education, the average results of the 2013 BJC and BGCSE examinations continue to hover around D.

National Bowling Championships set to begin March 31 at Mario’s

THE Bahamas Bowling Federation (BBF) is pleased to announce that between March 31 and April 14, the 2019 Bahamas National Bowling Championships is scheduled to be held at Mario’s Bowling and Entertainment Palace.

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BGCSE RESULTS: Mathematics E, English D+

EDUCATION Minister Jerome Fitzgerald yesterday insisted he was “encouraged” by this year’s Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) exam results despite an E average in mathematics and an English average of D+.

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Exam results add up to a slight improvement in maths and english

ALTHOUGH Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald highlighted improvements in numerous BGCSE exam results yesterday, the national mathematics average remained an E while the English language average rose from a D to a D+.

Drop in top grades as exam results are released

NATIONAL exam results worsened in 2020 compared to 2019, with fewer students achieving A, B and C grades and more students receiving D, E, F and G grades compared to the year before.

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Silence over grade average

MINISTER of Education Jerome Fitzgerald yesterday revealed that more than half of all government school students are awarded a leaving certificate versus a high school diploma.

Swimmming results

Here’s a look at the final results of the individual performances in the Bahamas Swimming Federation’s 2013 RBC National Swim Championships at the Betty Kelly Kenning National Swim Complex

Music to the ears

In regards to your headline “Mathematics E & English D+”. That must be music to the ears of the PLP party. An educated electorate plays into their hands.

RESULTS: Royal Bank of Canada National Swimming Championships

Girls 13-14 800 LC Metre Free 1, MacPhail, Anya I, BSC, 9:58.49. 2, Eneas, GiGi S, DSC-BA, 10:35.88. 3, Albury, Kaliyah G, BSC, 10:58.47. 4, Trotman, Jazmine M, SWIFT-BA, 11:05.61. 5, Mortimer, Madison H, ORCA, 11:19.54. 6, Albury, Taylor T, Abaco S

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MARKETING REVOLUTION: Targeting marketing is far more useful

My wife’s Blackberry makes an obnoxious sound every time an e-mail comes in.

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E-mail marketing requires true value

MARKETING REVOLUTION When e-mail was first introduced it was traumatic for many. I remember in 1996, when I was working for Allstate Insurance in Chicago, how the managers complained that now they were receiving informa

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Barracudas come out on top in Spring Invitational

THE Dolphin Swim Club held its Spring Invitational over the weekend at the Betty Kelly Kenning Swim Complex.

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RESULTS: Bahamas Swimming Federation Aliv National Swimming Championships

• RESULTS of the Bahamas Swimming Federation’s Aliv National Swimming Championships, held over the weekend at the Betty Kelly Kenning Aquatic Centre, are as follows:Girls 13-14 800 LC Meter Freestyle1, Thompson *, Zaylie-Elizabeth P, AAC, 9:35.07. 2,