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Munnings advances to league final, Knowles returns after ruling

TRAVIS Munnings and his Portuguese club advanced to the league final while Zane Knowles and his Bulgarian club received a favourable ruling in arbitration to keep their playoff hopes alive.

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Travis Munnings and club win LPB title in Portugal

TRAVIS Munnings and Sporting Lisboa Benfica completed a dominant season in Portugal’s Liga Portuguesa de Basquetbol (LPB) with the 2022 championship title.

No excuse for child abuse

I write this letter out of my frustration at the lack of an established national child sexual prevention programme in this country.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: What has happened to us?

WHEN I was young, we carried books to school, not guns. When I was young, I knelt by the side of the bed and prayed asking God to make my family happy, not to keep them safe from the bullets of an evil lunatic or the fury of a troubled teen. When I was young, l was innocent, but the world did not look then like it looks now. The weather was unpredictable, not the person sitting next to you.

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Capital backs Bahamas: ‘Get past’ 7.2m record

The Bahamas was yesterday urged to quickly “get past” pre-COVID’s record 7.2m visitor arrivals after this nation ranked among the top Caribbean destinations which tourism investment capital is most bullish on.

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DIANE PHILLIPS: Green high-top Converse a symbol of pain too much to bear

For a moment last Tuesday, Mathew McConaughey could have run for and been elected President of the United States. For a moment, the Oscar-winning actor took us all where we needed to be – in the heart of Uvalde, Texas where on May 24, a deranged 18-year-old brandishing an AR15 walked into an elementary school and for 40 minutes before the SWAT team arrived went on a killing spree, leaving 19 children and two teachers dead.

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Crowdfunder aiming to be ‘next Bamboo Shack’

A Bahamian restaurant entrepreneur yesterday unveiled ambitions to become “the next Bamboo Shack” after raising almost one-third of his minimum $320,000 capital target within the first ten days.