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Davis insists: I’ve kept my promises

PRIME Minister Phillip “Brave” Davis insists his administration is living up to promises it made to nurses and teachers despite the opposition’s claim that the government has failed to adequately address their concerns.

EDITORIAL: Is Brave the man to tackle migration issues?

IN the aftermath of the boat capsize that killed at least 17 Haitians, there is no shortage of problems to consider.

Battle with unions in The Bahamas

I am a life long supporter of the rights or workers and their amalgamation into unions for the collective rights and respect due to them.

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Oil spill ‘greater struggle’ if wind and tide different

FOCOL Holdings’ chairman yesterday conceded that cleaning-up Exuma’s 30,000-gallon oil spill would have been “a much greater struggle” if the wind and tide had taken the slick in a different direction.

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FOCOL: ‘All resources we have’ to oil spill fight

FOCOL Holdings’ chairman yesterday pledged it was “deploying every resource we have” to clean-up the 30,000 gallon Exuma oil spill, and said: “We’ll do whatever’s necessary to stop it happening again.”

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PETER YOUNG: Feasting on the fall of Boris and who replaces him

Some people consider political science is almost a misnomer. Politics is about power and influence and concerns the interaction between human beings while science is based on observation, measurement and interpretation of data in support of a theory or hypothesis.

New Providence is hit by weekend of heavy rainfall

THERE were 6.18 inches of rainfall from Friday to Sunday morning in Nassau - above average activity, Chief Meteorological Officer Patricia Weeks said yesterday.

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STATESIDE: Roll up, roll up for the great game of ‘pick your nominee’

“I’M just disgusted by what’s happening in the US,” the Bahamian lady said over the telephone. WhatsApp, of course. “What a colossal mess! You know, I heard the other day someone was talking, and they said that the Democrats actually figured out how to entice the conservatives on the Supreme Court to vote on Roe v Wade right now, because it’s the only thing that can prevent a Republican takeover of Congress in November.”

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FRONT PORCH: Lessons from the magical rise and fall of Boris Johnson

AS Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson finally succumbed to reality, emerging from the reality show cum bunker of 10 Downing Street to announce his resignation, “Yakety Sax”, the theme song for the Benny Hill Show blared, while a jubilantly clapping audience cheered his impending departure.

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ART OF GRAPHIX – Nothing stays the same: Change now inevitable

In this Information Age, and its impact on the ever-evolving global economy, change is now the norm for business. But, despite its presence everywhere, change does not come easy. Companies sometimes fail to make critical reforms due to an ingrained resistance to change.

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Three face court on firearm charges

THREE men were arraigned in court yesterday on separate firearm and ammunition charges.

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FACE TO FACE: Watch your back, ‘Brave’ – AJ’s one for the future

I am currently in the Berry Islands enjoying the tranquil life and getting to know some of my husband, Victor Valentino’s family. This weekend was a very sombre one for us as the family matriarch, Albertha Canter-Murry was laid to rest along with her son, Livingston Devon Pratt.

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‘Govt erring on side of caution over mask mandate’

DOCTORS Hospital chief executive officer Dr Charles Diggiss said he believes the government is erring on the side of caution in deciding to generally maintain its mask mandate.

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NPSA opens fastpitch season

AFTER a two-year hiatus as a result of COVID-19, the New Providence Softball Association opened its 2022 fastpitch season over the weekend with the new look Cybertech Blue Marlins and the veteran Sunshine Auto Wildcats getting off to an impressive start.

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Contractors brand concrete supplier shrinkage ‘big blow’

Bahamian contractors yesterday warned that a Grand Bahama concrete manufacturer’s decision to shut down two of its units is “a big blow” for major commercial and infrastructure projects in this country.

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Hot Mix’s expansion ‘not connected’ to Gold Rock

Bahamas Hot Mix’s chairman yesterday said the imminent expansion of its Freeport-based concrete and asphalt production capabilities has “got absolutely nothing to do” with a rival supplier’s troubles.

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Govt still working on $10m catastrophic care fund

THE Davis administration is still working out the logistics of how it will administer the $10m allocated for catastrophic healthcare in the country, Health and Wellness Minister Dr Michael Darville said yesterday.

Outgoing Central Bank chief warns on ‘procedural overkill’

The Central Bank’s departing chief enforcer says it is “essential” that The Bahamas continue to beat anti-financial crime regulatory standards but do so without imposing “procedural overkill” on low-risk clients.

Dancing on the streets

Oh, back come Goombay Summer and da-junkanoo...well it’s New Day/PLP why wouldn’t they organise an expensive event to keep us natives happy through summer? Why? Didn’t dare call it Carnival - remember that Siorn fiasco? When is Tourism going to understand visitors are not interested in junkanoo... the 2021-2022 season Christmas and New Year’s this year. No parades - hotels full to overflowing!

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‘Horrendous June’ cuts Aquapure’s output 40%

A Bahamian bottled water supplier has endured "an horrendous June" after equipment failure and a "bonkers" supply chain cut production for the month by 40 percent.