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Hockey Puck and player tracking being tested at Olympics

GANGNEUNG, South Korea (AP) — Finland players looked at the numbers and laughed.

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THE PRESSBOX: ‘A trip down memory lane’ on this day in sports history

DOWN the home stretch we come in ‘silly season’.

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Followers flock to The Tribune online

Followers flock to The Tribune online Readers continue to flock to The Tribune online, with the 5,000 'likes' barrier on our Facebook site being broken this weekend. This comes after a huge number of visits to the website throughout May. M

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SPORTING MISCHIEF & MAYHEM: A day of sporting blessings for a proud Papa

Today is a truly a very special one - it’s my youngest son Andoni’s birthday!

Gov't hailed for shoe, clothing retail waiver

The Government’s proposed tax relief for clothing and shoe retailers was yesterday hailed for helping to preserve Bahamian businesses and jobs.KP Turnquest, pictured, deputy prime minister, said the government had made provision in the 2018-2019 budg

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'Sochi under the sun' as Exuma hosts mini Olympics

THE Bahamas, and Grand Isle Resort & Spa in Great Exuma, shared an unusual world first last week when professional hockey players, Olympians and hotel guests faced off in a road hockey game on the tiny island of Farmer’s Cay.

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SPORTING MISCHIEF & MAYHEM: Bird had the last laugh – but it was funny at the time

With my Cowboys having dropped their sixth game in a row, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory again, I need to clear my head a bit.

Exuma resort stages world hockey first

Grand Isle Resort & Spa and the Bahamas shared an unusual world first last week when professional hockey players, decorated Olympians and hotel guests faced off in a road hockey game on the island of Farmer’s Cay.

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Bamboo Town candidates' supporters turn out for nomination day

FEW social distancing protocols were practised by people who came to support the Bamboo Town candidates of their respective political parties on nomination day on Friday.

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SPORTING MISCHIEF & MAYHEM: Sharing the stage with major sporting highlights

Today is my 18-year anniversary as a professional stand up comedian and as the house comic at Jokers Wild, Atlantis.

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I MUST say that I’m stoked as I prepare to head off to Super Bowl 52 (Roman numerals are overrated) in freezing Minneapolis, Minnesota as a Bud Light and Bud Light Caribbean brand ambassador. I will be broadcasting live from the Super Bowl, back to

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ISLANDS SPARED MAJOR DAMAGE: Grand Bahama and Abaco ‘fared well’ in Hurricane Nicole

GRAND Bahama and Abaco avoided significant damage during the passage of Hurricane Nicole - with Acting Prime Minister Chester Cooper saying yesterday: “It looks like we have been spared the worst of it.”

SPORTING MISCHIEF & MAYHEM: The day Wilt the Stilt and the Bears made their point

CHRISTMAS is fast approaching - the equivalent of the Super Bowl for ‘shopaholics’ like my wife.

NAUGHTY: Sooner or Laker - I’ll take brilliant Buddy Hield in the NBA Draft

I MUST admit ‘Buddymania’ has me all worn out. Ah, but what an exhilarating ride it was from start to finish. Despite the lopsided ending, a whopping 44-point defeat to Villanova, it was a huge win for the Wildcats who must be commended in their own right, for executing a flawless game plan at both ends of the court, handcuffing ‘Buddy’ Hield and the rest of the Oklahoma Sooners in the process. Hats off to ‘Buddy’ on an outstanding career at Oklahoma but also for being a sterling example for our youth, especially our lost males. With all that’s going on around us at home, thank you for making me proud to be Bahamian again ‘Buddy’.

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Royal visit brings Duke and Duchess Downtown

THE Duke and Duchess of Cambridge soaked in Junkanoo and greeted admirers Friday afternoon during a trip to Parliament Square.

PM blasting through traffic

Has the Prime Minister totally lost all sense of humility and respect for the public?

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STATESIDE: Which way to go to bring life back to normal?

It’s called the Gadsden flag. You’ve probably seen it. It usually has a mustard yellow background and features a coiled timber rattlesnake, poised to strike like a cobra. Below the snake are these four words: Don’t Tread on Me.

Harbour Bay parking

Annoyance is a mild description when trying to shop at Harbour Bay Shopping Centre – where do the potential shoppers park?

BISX developing new Gov't debt security

The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) yesterday revealed that it is developing a new debt security for the Government, which will 'fill the gap' by offering investors medium-term maturities.