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Airport issues must be addressed

THIS TIME, next week a new Government of the Bahamas will have been elected.

No rejoicing for Caribbean travellers

By Sir Ronald Sanders Air transportation in the Caribbean has always been difficult. The news that a privately-owned, low-cost carrier, REDjet, has been forced to suspend its operations has made Caribbean air transportation even more problematic. Over th

The PLP promised, the FNM delivered

The PLP promised, the FNM delivered THE STRAW market, once hallowed PLP ground, turned ugly on Thursday when a group of PLP politicians arrived to look into complaints about malfunctioning toilets and insufficient stalls for vendors still waiting to set

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Let calm heads prevail in election season

THE Bahamas is approaching the election season, with numerous events, rallies and even family gatherings. I implore you, to let calm heads prevail during this season. We must remember, that we are all Bahamians and when

Franklyn Wilson understood the signs

Franklyn Wilson understood the signs WE SUGGEST that PLP candidates who are trying to hoodwink Bahamian voters into believing that the downturn in the Bahamas' economy is either due to -- or has been made worse by -- the Ingraham government's "stopping, re

People will not fall for the FNM again

People will not fall for the FNM again EDITOR, The Tribune. I understand it is the silly season but I am deeply concerned that want-to-be politicians who appear to have no conscience will stoop to any level to lie and deceive the people of this great B

It's only protocol - nothing sinister in the visit

It's only protocol - nothing sinister in the visit HOPEFULLY, it has by now been established that Haitian President Martelly's brief stop-over in Nassau last week on his way to Mexico was neither at the invitation of the FNM government, nor was it an off

A lie dressed up is still a lie

EDITOR, The Tribune. I have heard Perry Gladstone Christie on several occasions, especially recently, say that the PLP created 22,000 jobs between 2002-2007. I am stunned to see that he did not gather enough courage to come back to the Bahamian people to

Beware of election promises

ELECTION TIME is here again and so are the promises. Promises, we might add, without any reference to the Public Treasury. Bahamians should be aware of the times in which we live and don't depend on election promises -- even in

Euro, rich-poor gap proved key at Davos

Euro, rich-poor gap proved key at Davos Europe's crippling debt crisis dominated the world's foremost gathering of business and political leaders, but for the first time the growing inequality between the planet's haves and have-nots became an issue, tha


RUSSIA CONCERNED ABOUT NUCLEAR IRAN Russia expressed regret and concern Tuesday about Iran's launch of uranium enrichment up to 20 per cent at an underground facility, but urged all parties involved in the nuclear standoff with Tehran to avoid hasty move

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KERZNER CHIEF: 'NO JOB LOSSES' KERZNER International's president today confirmed Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham's statement that no employees will be laid off as a result of the ownership transfer of the Atlantis resort from Kerzner to Brookfield Asset M

Does witchcraft exist in the straw market?

EDITOR, The Tribune. Since time immemorial, there have been rumours of unusual practices and behaviour in the straw market. There have been strange and unusual scents witnessed and experienced by others to be directed to or concentrated around the stal

Guyana crisis follows election

By Sir Ronald Sanders NOVEMBER 28 general elections in Guyana have resulted in a crisis for the country. While it is being suggested that the elected President, Donald Ramotar, of the Peoples Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) can appoint and run a minori

Threats from the political class

EDITOR, The Tribune. Governments arose as a means of keeping the power of monarchs in check and it's disappointing to read the comments associated with some of the Ministers of the new PLP regime. With all the problems facing the country threats to the p

A people betrayed, says Ed Moxey, of the Pindling years

A people betrayed, says Ed Moxey, of the Pindling years THE PANACEA to all this country's social problems is Urban Renewal, PLP-style. The constant cry of the PLP is that the FNM came along, stole the PLP's idea, destroyed it and, in so doing, opened a P