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‘MY SON RAN SO WHY SHOOT HIM?’: ‘Youth engaged police’ say officers - as family wants camera footage

THE distraught mother of 18-year-old Kwondrick Lowe, who was killed in a police-involved shooting on Saturday, believes her son “ran for his life” when he saw the officers.

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Bahamas Scholastic Athletic Association basketball results

THE following games were played at The Hope Center on University Commons on Tuesday.

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NM Valentine Cox dominates The Bahamas National Chess Championship

NM Valentine Cox dominated the 2023 Bahamas National Chess Championship, winning the prestigious event with an impressive 8 out of 9 points.

Migrants on Cay Sal may be repatriated this week

THE Immigration Department hopes to repatriate nearly 400 irregular migrants being housed in Inagua as early as Friday, its assistant director said yesterday.

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Three separate shootings leave four wounded and one dead

POLICE are investigating three separate shootings that left one man dead and four others in hospital.

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Three years with no inquests into police shootings

THE near three-year absence into police-involved shootings has stirred anger in some family members who say they are still searching for answers on their loved ones’ deaths.

IC Tennis Doubles: USA’s Robins team takes top spot

THE Bahamas International Tennis Club’s 2023 Doubles Championships came to a close on Friday at the Nassau Lawn Tennis Club with the United States of America’s Robins team beating the USA Bluebirds 3-2 to take the top spot.

THE KDK REPORT: A house divided

SEVERAL years ago, a palliative nurse in Australia wrote a book detailing the top five regrets of individuals on their deathbed.

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No answer on police body cams

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe said yesterday he could not confirm if police officers had on body cams during a police-involved shooting on Saturday.

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‘Clean-up batter’ signs with Cards

Andru Arthur, known as the “clean-up batter” for the International Elite Baseball Academy’s travelling team, was the last of four signees of professional contracts during the month of January.

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Blood bank still low as call made for donations

OFFICIALS from Princess Margaret Hospital’s blood bank are appealing to the public to donate blood as supplies remain low.

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‘I feel lost without little Teneisha’

THE grieving father of the three month-old that died while being cared for by a family friend is pleading for answers surrounding his daughter’s death, adding he feels “crushed” and “lost”.

Man dies as air rifle discharged

A MAN was shot and killed by a co-worker on Saturday who was attempting to clear a high-powered air rifle, police said.

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Three accused in separate murders

THREE men were charged in court yesterday in connection with three separate deaths in the nation’s capital in the past two months.

Alternatives are needed to reach source of crime

It has become very clear that we are losing the war against crime despite the idea that things are under control; and what is nerve wracking is that the year has just begun. The crime rate is climbing, and we are crossing into dangerous waters.

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Riley has ‘great experience’ at Korn Ferry tournament

IT wasn’t the performance he anticipated, but Cameron Riley said he was thrilled to have been afforded the opportunity to participate in his first Korn Ferry tournament.

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Pintard: Davis should reshuffle unsuitable Cabinet ministers

FREE National Movement leader Michael Pintard has called on Prime Minister Phillip “Brave” Davis to consider shuffling his Cabinet, saying it is quite evident that several ministers are unsuitable for their portfolios and should be reassigned to roles better suited to their skills or replaced entirely.

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INSIGHT: How we can honour Kenise and help save others

THE tragic story of Kenise Darville has been in the spotlight over the past few days and many are wanting to know why we can’t do better when it comes to the care we offer our citizens.

Abaco residents voice concerns over shanty towns

ABACO residents are outraged by the growth of unregulated shanty towns, saying the issue has been out of control for some time.

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Minnis: We have an immigration crisis

FORMER Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday urged the Davis administration to get a grip on illegal immigration, saying “we are now experiencing an immigration crisis”.