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Students advance to golf Nationals

Girls Lower Primary (8am)

Becoming hell on earth

Often at the Mercy of Thugs

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GENERAL ELECTION – as it happened

Live coverage of the 2021 General Election results.

Rising Sea

Thanks for publishing the following poem

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A COMIC'S VIEW: From pandemic to a political soap opera

ONE thing I’ve kept a keen eye on from the sidelines (thanks to the COViD-19 global pandemic) is the soap opera playing out between the current FNM administration and the opposition PLP in regards to the handling of the entire pandemic and the subsequent results.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: A political view inspired by the next generation

THIS week, thanks to our “new normal” and online learning, I was tasked with explaining to my ten-year-old how fun “limericks” can be. After a (very long) lesson, I finally got him rhyming. Surprisingly, the kid’s a good learner. He’s almost a pro at condensing complex thoughts into little bites.


LAST WEEK: 8-7 SEASON: 86-36

On the front line

Amid this dark and gloom that circles our world–

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‘A Run for Thanksgiving’ cross country highlights

THE Bahamas Scholastic Athletic Association held its 10th annual Cross-Country event under the theme, “A Run For Thanksgiving” at Goodman’s Bay on Saturday.

In tribute

Lost Mom this week. But there she is my sweet. The Holland Marsh Canal.

A poem to Duke Smith

PLEASE publish this birthday poem that I wrote for my oldest brother, Duke Bradley Smith.

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Naughty’s NFL picks 2021

Well, the best time of the year, the NFL season is finally upon us.

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FACE TO FACE: We all know someone the virus has taken - how many more?

THE amount of COVID- 19 deaths have risen steadily in recent weeks, so much so that almost every Bahamian knows someone who has succumbed to the virus. It is rampant and merciless. In a small population like The Bahamas, the effects of the disease have hit home for many.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: 'Twas the night before Christmas

’Twas the night before Christmas when all through the House, Every MP was stirring, from “superstar” to “louse.”

‘Rise Bahamas, Rise!’

Attached is a poem written by me in April 1999, which I submit for publication in memory of our little darling Bella and the call to our national compassion and action: “Rise Bahamas, Rise!”

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Police Advice: Watch for the warning signs which show a child is being abused

Parents, it is imperative to remember your children are gifts from God.

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Dr Merceline Dahl-Regis awarded CMG in Queen's New Year's Honours

DR MERCELINE DAHL-REGIS is among 24 Bahamians named in the Queen’s 2020 New Year’s Honours.

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GB schools bracing for return of sporting activities

With classroom sessions back in rotation since November, schools in Grand Bahama are now bracing for the return of their sporting activities.

More vaccine sites added

TWO new community COVID-19 vaccination sites have been added to service more walk-up appointments and increase access to the vaccine.

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A COMIC'S VIEW: Reasons to be thankful

YESTERDAY as I enjoyed every “foodies” warm up for Christmas gorging, Thanksgiving Dinner with my family, I realised that despite it not being the normal Bahamian Thanksgiving we still have a lot to be thankful for.