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Gas prices are rising too high

Rebuilding a strong economy is the task of every government. But it is very important to realise that rebuilding a stronger economy begins with rebuilding the low and middle class families.

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‘Horrendous June’ cuts Aquapure’s output 40%

A Bahamian bottled water supplier has endured "an horrendous June" after equipment failure and a "bonkers" supply chain cut production for the month by 40 percent.

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Health insurance VAT: 'This is not about money'

The Government has undertaken not to change the VAT treatment of private medical insurance claims until a full study is done, its top finance official asserting: "This is not about trying to get tax money."

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After Shock Amateur Boxing Show in honour of Ray Minus Jr

ROYCE Colebrooke, Devaughn Musgrove, Christian Thompson and John Saint Wrint were among some of the top performers on Saturday at the After Shock Amateur Boxing Show that was held in honour of Ray Minus Jr.

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Soaring gas prices are a ‘silent killer’

Family Island Chamber of Commerce presidents yesterday described soaring gas prices as “the silent killer” for economic activity, with one branding current pump costs as “crazy”.

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Gov’t ‘adds insult to injury’ with medical VAT reforms

Health insurers have yet to meet the Prime Minister over VAT reforms that threaten to increase medical bills and healthcare costs, with the Government yesterday accused of “adding insult to injury” for thousands of Bahamians.

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Corporation’s ‘lifeline’ for tourism businesses

Throughout the Caribbean and in the many parts of the world where tourism reigns, tourism development organisations and agencies have reshaped the template for visitor experiences. The Bahamas’ own Tourism Development Corporation, in similar fashion, is poised to redefine how we deliver goods and services to the tens of millions of tourists who visit our shores annually.

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Crowdfunder aiming to be ‘next Bamboo Shack’

A Bahamian restaurant entrepreneur yesterday unveiled ambitions to become “the next Bamboo Shack” after raising almost one-third of his minimum $320,000 capital target within the first ten days.

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Bahamasair: Extra $200k weekly fuel bill ‘won’t suffocate’ demand

Bahamasair’s top executive yesterday voiced optimism that a fuel bill which has skyrocketed by up to $200,000 per week “won’t suffocate” travel demand despite the airline readying “another small” fare increase.

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Kai Jones returns home

KAI Jones returned home for the first time since he completed his rookie season in the NBA and already has his sights set on the offseason and improvement headed into year two.

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‘No break’: Property cover to stick near all-time high

A Bahamian insurer yesterday warned “there’s just no scope for a break” on property insurance prices that are “pretty close” to all-time highs following double-digit percentage increases last year.

Insurers seek ‘urgent’ PM meeting on VAT reforms

Bahamian insurers are seeking “an urgent meeting” with the Prime Minister before the week ends over VAT-related reforms that will potentially increase medical bills and treatment costs for thousands of Bahamians.

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PETER YOUNG: Like a cat with nine lives Boris survives again – but the road ahead looks bumpy

AFTER  all the superlatives about The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee last week and the lifting of people’s spirits throughout the country, the politicians and the trade unionists in Britain have managed to bring the nation back to earth with a bump.

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IAN FERGUSON: Grooming a workforce for corporate success

A grooming policy should reflect the needs of the employer while not unnecessarily restricting an employee’s individual expression. The more formal or professional the culture, and the more employees interact with individuals outside the workplace, the greater the need for employers to have a policy governing employee grooming and hygiene.

Suspected case of Monkeypox being monitored

The Ministry of Health has released a statement regarding a potential case of Monkeypox:

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NIB reserves forecast to 'decline sharply'

A Cabinet minister said reserves at the National Insurance Board (NIB) are forecasted to “decline sharply” in the next few years and called for a contribution rate increase of 2 percent.

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PM pledges solar power field by next year

PRIME Minister Phiilip “Brave” Davis said yesterday the government has made a commitment to have a 60 megawatt solar power field by next year.

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BUDGET: FNM – What about growth of economy?

OFFICIAL Opposition Leader Michael Pintard was critical of Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis’ budget presentation yesterday, saying it ought to have been about growth.

‘Hardship’ threat over VAT medical bill move

The Government is threatening to cause “additional hardship” for thousands of Bahamians who enjoy private medical insurance through VAT-related reforms that will increase medical bills and treatment costs.

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TEACHERS’ FEARS ON COVID TRACING: Union concern over ability to properly monitor school cases

THE Bahamas Union of Teachers is concerned about the capacity of the Ministry of Health and Wellness to facilitate proper contract tracing in the face of COVID-19 cases in schools and communities.