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Abaco Chamber chief fears port PPP costs

Abaco's Chamber of Commerce president yesterday voiced concerns that outsourcing the Marsh Harbour port's redevelopment to private investors will increase the cost of living on the island.

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PROSECUTORS KEY TO DEATH PENALTY: Dame Anita Allen speaks on bail and executions

FORMER Court of Appeal president Dame Anita Allen said prosecutors should be more aggressive in seeking the death penalty in appropriate murder cases.

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‘Huge admission’ over Gov’t $110m BPL loan

THE Opposition’s leader yesterday asserted he has wrung “a huge admission” from the Government that it loaned Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) some $110m without first agreeing the interest rate and terms.

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Conflicting rights: The accused versus society

SADLY, in the last few weeks, New Providence has become the scene of senseless violence, and more disturbingly, this violence has touched women and children caught-up in the culture of violence, and the crossfire.

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$10b lawsuit by Mexico to hold gun makers accountable for weapon trafficking revived

A US appeals court on Monday revived a $10 billion lawsuit by Mexico seeking to hold American gun manufacturers responsible for facilitating the trafficking of weapons to drug cartels across the US-Mexico border, according to Reuters.

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IAN FERGUSON: How to build capacity for a thriving business

Sustainability in this day and age refers to a company’s ability to consistently build capacity in its employees, processes and operations.

Minister of Energy questioned over BPL by the opposition during rare Q&A in the House

FREE National Movement leader Michael Pintard pressed Transport and Energy Minister JoBeth Coleby Davis about Bahamas Power & Light matters during a rare question and answer period in the House of Assembly yesterday.

Insurer: 'No significant' storm cover increases

A major Bahamian insurer yesterday pledged that its regular homeowner clients will not suffer "any significant increases" in catastrophe premium rates for policy renewals from April 1 onwards.

‘About time’ cruise lines private islands face VAT

BAHAMIAN tour operators yesterday asserted it is “only fair” that VAT be levied on the goods and services bought by passengers on the cruise lines’ private islands, adding: “It’s about time.”

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EU blacklist escape blocks double-digit insurance rise

Bahamian households and businesses yesterday escaped potential double-digit increases in insurance costs after this nation secured its removal from the European Union’s (EU) tax blacklist.

When will we learn, Bahamians?

My people Bahamians everywhere, we of these beautiful islands of the Bahamas. When will we come together the yellow, red, green, black, purple all the political partners? When will we speak the truth and say to each other enough is enough.

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Private cruise islands set for VAT reform hit

The Government is planning tax reforms that will hit the cruise lines’ Bahamian private islands and end their nine-year VAT-free status, it was confirmed yesterday.

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Tribune Sports Valentine’s Day Special

WHILE the focus today is on lovers, Tribune Sports shares the love and commitment of at least three couples who spent their time participating in sports either as executives, officials or coaches.