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Family Island land solution growth key

Resolving land issues in the Family Islands is a key component of the National Development Plan, one of its key architects said.

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Pintard questions Govt’s handling of cruise tax increase

Opposition leader Michael Pintard yesterday argued that new passenger taxes could cause cruise ships to seek cheaper destinations.

Pintard: Cruise lines will bear cost of tax increase

Opposition leader Michael Pintard yesterday argued that new passenger taxes could cause cruise ships to seek cheaper destinations.

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WORLD VIEW – Oceans: Do Caribbean countries sink or swim?

THE peoples of small island states and coastal communities have long relied on the ocean for a multitude of benefits, including recreation, the delivery of goods and tourists, and a vital source of food through fishing. However, all these benefits, and much more, are currently under grave threat due to climate change, global warming, and sea-level rise. The damage is already taking its toll, imperceptibly but steadily, and it is crucial that we take action to preserve and develop the economic opportunities that the sea around us holds.

FTX’s GoldWynn condos to be ‘absorbed at market value’

THE eight GoldWynn condo units newly-acquired by FTX’s Bahamian liquidators will be “readily absorbed by the market” when put up for sale, the project’s developer predicted yesterday.

Abaco Chamber chief fears port PPP costs

Abaco's Chamber of Commerce president yesterday voiced concerns that outsourcing the Marsh Harbour port's redevelopment to private investors will increase the cost of living on the island.

Insurer 'pauses' expansion on EU blacklisting fall-out

A Bahamian insurer yesterday said it has been forced to "pause'" further Caribbean expansion ambitions, adding: "We cannot stress enough the importance of getting off these blacklists."

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PM appeals for support in the fight against climate change

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis appealed for support in the fight against climate change yesterday while addressing a roundtable hosted by the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC) in the United Kingdom.

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Bahamian music artist Canaan For Yah signs a deal with Epidemic Records

CANAAN Cunningham worked multiple jobs to make ends meet when he moved to Miami, doing sound engineering for artists, songwriting, and part-time work at TJ Maxx.

School roof failure exposes Contractors Board absence

The Bahamian Contractors Association's (BCA) president yesterday said the recent collapse of roof trusses at R. M. Bailey senior high school again exposes why the Government should “expeditiously appoint” the Contractors Board.

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Chamber chief: Cost of living ‘is out of control’

Abaco’s Chamber of Commerce president says the cost of living is “getting out of control” as she warned the island can absorb no further hikes following the summer’s “exorbitant” light bills.

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PROSECUTORS KEY TO DEATH PENALTY: Dame Anita Allen speaks on bail and executions

FORMER Court of Appeal president Dame Anita Allen said prosecutors should be more aggressive in seeking the death penalty in appropriate murder cases.

PM: Bahamas' survival at stake over climate change

The Prime Minister has warned that The Bahamas will "not survive" unless it can become more resilient against, and better adapt to, the impact of climate change.

Abaco hurricane shelter progress inspected by govt and dignitaries

SHRI R. Masakui, High Commissioner for India to Jamaica, The Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, and the British Virgin Island inspected a hurricane shelter under construction in Abaco.

Petroleum retailers continue Gov't talks

Bahamian petroleum retailers are pledging to pass any reduction in oil prices on to motorists as they continue "private" discussions with the Government over their calls for a margin increase.

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Gas stations seek ‘pennies on gallon for liveable wage’

Bahamian petroleum retailers yesterday revealed they are seeking a “pennies on the gallon” margin increase equal to 7 percent of the landed cost of fuel to achieve their version of a “ liveable wage”.

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GSSSA PLAYOFFS: Knights and Stingrays senior girls advance to championships

THE C R Walker Knights and C V Bethel Stingrays will face off in the Government Secondary Schools Sports Association (GSSSA) senior girls volleyball championships.

Probe launched into mangrove destruction

ACTING press secretary Keishla Adderley said an investigation is underway after more than 200,000 square feet of mangroves in the Adelaide Village area were destroyed.

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Three men charged with loaded gun possession

THREE men were granted bail after they were allegedly found with a loaded gun in their car on Cowpen Road last week.

Concerned with Mount Tabor pulpit

As I approach my 70th birthday this week, a milestone I greet with both gratitude and reflection, I find myself compelled to write to your publication for only the fifth time in my life. My words today are born not out of joy, but out of a deep sense of disappointment and concern for a community that has been an integral part of my life for over two decades – the Mount Tabor Church.