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Gas stations seek ‘pennies on gallon for liveable wage’

Bahamian petroleum retailers yesterday revealed they are seeking a “pennies on the gallon” margin increase equal to 7 percent of the landed cost of fuel to achieve their version of a “ liveable wage”.

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Sir Franklyn ‘more confident’ than ever gas woes solved

FOCOL’s chairman yesterday said he is “more confident” than ever before that the push by Bahamian petroleum retailers for increased margins can be resolved “without adversely impacting the motoring public”.

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Sir Franklyn ‘surprised’ at hint margin talks ending

FOCOL’s chairman says he is “surprised” that Bahamian petroleum retailers indicated negotiations over a margin increase had ended because talks were ongoing at the Prime Minister’s Office yesterday.

Esso dealers fearing rent hikes will hit all

The Bahamas Petroleum Retailers Association’s vice-president yesterday said he is “very, very concerned” by a dispute that has left one Esso dealer fearing he has no choice but to “give them back their station”.

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NPBA playoffs start today

THE New Providence Basketball Association (NPBA) playoffs is set to commence 7pm tonight at the A.F. Adderley Gymnasium between the division one and two teams.

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Petroleum retailer: Gov’t says ‘they want us to fail’

A gas station operator yesterday suggested a six-month job swap with a Cabinet minister so the latter can gain a full understanding of the industry’s plight, adding: “He’s telling us he wants us to fail.”

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RF Bank & Trust's ninth annual conference to tackle evolving risks

RF Bank & Trust (RF) has announced it will host regional and international experts during a 1-day conference to help Bahamians forecast and future-proof their business. The annual RF Economic Outlook (RFEO), under the theme Evolving Risks: The Way Forward is scheduled for Tuesday, March 14th at Baha Mar.

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IAN FERGUSON: Navigating through five life cycle stages

Every new micro and small business that grows into a medium-sized enterprise goes through five stages of evolution. These phases include existence, survival, success, take-off and resource maturity. All stages of small business growth come with challenges that every company has to overcome.

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Cynthia Mother Pratt Foundation donates supplies to Ministry of Health

“HUNDREDS” of cleaning supplies and utensils were donated to The Ministry of Health for clinics and other facilities throughout The Bahamas on Friday, from the Cynthia Mother Pratt Foundation, with help from supporters and sponsors in the United States.

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IAN FERGUSON: How to engage millennial staff

Millennials make up a sizeable percentage of today’s workforce. They come with a plethora of skills, strengths and, yes, special needs. This week’s column focuses attention on ways to keep these valuable team members consistently engaged.

Hinduism encroaching Bahamian life

The Bahamas is considered a Caribbean country, although it is really located in the Atlantic Ocean. The Caribbean is a religious and cultural melting pot, according to sociologists from the United States.

IAN FERGUSON: Converting customers into recurring clients

Converting new customers into loyal and repeat clients should be the top priority of every business, whether large or small. Customer retention is key to the success of any enterprise.

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Temple Christian High School celebrates growth of its athletics programme

SCHOOL pride is still at an all time high at Temple Christian High School following their historic third-place finish at the Bahamas Association of Independent Secondary Schools (BAISS) Track and Field Championships.

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Sir Franklyn: Gas retailers have ‘made case for relief’

FOCOL’s chairman yesterday agreed that Bahamian petroleum retailers have “made their case for immediate relief” despite a Cabinet minister dismissing any prospect of an increase in gasoline and diesel margins.

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PI entrepreneur ready ‘at stroke of PM’s pen’

The Bahamian entrepreneur seeking to restore Paradise Island’s lighthouse yesterday revealed his financing needs have been “oversubscribed by more than 300 percent”, as he urged the Government: “Make good on our deal.”

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Inter-school National Golf Championships April 17-21 at BGF’S 9-hole driving range

AFTER hosting two successful events in 2021 and 2022, the Bahamas Golf Federation’s Junior Golf Association is eager to put on the third edition of the Inter-School National Golf Championships.

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Sir Franklyn: Gas woe ‘won’t cripple country’

FOCOL’s chairman yesterday said he was “very confident a solution will be found” to the Bahamian petroleum industry’s financial woes, and added: “This will not be fatal to the country.”

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THE KDK REPORT: Always listen to your body and never give up on yourself

PEOPLE rarely ask ‘how are you?’ any more. Perhaps it’s a consequence of this new era in a post-pandemic world, one where unmasked individuals, flanked by their own problems, no longer feel the need to make small talk with strangers. Or maybe it’s not that we don’t care, but we don’t want to open the conversation for fear of hearing about yet another person who’s died from COVID or cancer.

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PETER YOUNG: Sunak’s EU handling has granted him some authority as ‘a problem-solver’

AS THE international news cycle moves on relentlessly, its spotlight is also always changing. In Britain during the last two weeks, the UK government’s new proposals agreed with the European Union for settling Northern Ireland’s post- Brexit trading arrangements dominated the front pages.

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Clubs and Societies: 17th March, 2023.

Abaco Strong Abaco Strong holds its next Abaco Farmers Market at Treasure Cay Park tomorrow from 9am-2pm.