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‘Total incompatibility’: But $100m project forges on

AN Exuma-based developer says it is pursuing all necessary approvals for a $100m project that has forced a neighbouring resort to place its development plans on hold and raised environmental concerns.

Why can't news report just the facts?

Government media … use of super-super superlatives in newscasting and reporting. Surely I am not the only one who has noticed the government news media uses extra-super superlatives in their reporting... forget the usual world famous... “internationally renown” that’s again even if the matter is in conceptual form only anything the Government puts its name to is world beating.

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FRONT PORCH: Attitudes towards the disabled must change

WE live in a highly materialistic society in which many of us measure our self-worth by our possessions, ranging from the vehicles we drive to the brand name clothes which adorn our perfumed accents, bodies and privileges.

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NATION ON GUARD OVER HAITI SURGE: PM says RBDF is deploying to intercept migrants

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said the Royal Bahamas Defence Force is deploying significant assets, including surface vessels, aircraft and 120 RBDF personnel, to combat illegal immigration amid Haiti’s deepening crisis and a surge in attempts by undocumented migrants to enter Bahamian waters.

URCA independence fear over director terminations

CABLE Bahamas is urging the Government to reform the law so as to preserve the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority’s (URCA) independence and reduce its costs.

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Strategies for resolving customer service failure

Dealing with customer service failure is an inevitable part of running a business. It is how you handle these situations that can make all the difference in maintaining customer satisfaction.

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ERIC WIBERG – Palowna & Orestes, 1826 Spanish slavers wrecked in The Bahamas

MANY slave ships met their end in the Bahamas, but not many know of an awkward period between when Britain outlawed the trade in slaves in 1807, and slavery itself, in 1834.

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Ex-civil service union boss: I urged pension reform two decades ago

A FORMER union leader says he recommended that civil service pensions be made contributory almost two decades ago as financial analysts warned “it’s all coming home to roost” over a forecast $3.5bn hole.

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Bahamians conflict on broker’s US client pull

Bahamian executives have given conflicting evidence over whether a local broker/ dealer used marketing deals with day trading schools to circumvent US laws against soliciting American clients.