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Bahamas warned against separate arbitration regimes

THE Bahamas should adopt the United Nations model law on international trade, and have a single regime for domestic and international arbitration, an industry expert stated yesterday.Datuk Professor Sandra Rajoo, director of the Kuala Lumpur Regional

Forum discusses amendments to insolvency regime

The Restructuring and Insolvency Specialists Association (RISA Bahamas) has held its first roundtable discussion on proposed reforms to The Bahamas’ insolvency framework.

Insolvency Association to discuss legal reform

The Restructuring and Insolvency Specialists Association (RISA Bahamas) is to host a roundtable discussion on proposed changes to this nation’s insolvency legislation.

Contractors call for arbitration specialists

Bahamian contractors have called for more attorneys to specialise in construction arbitration, suggesting that provisions for such forms of dispute resolution be made mandatory in their contracts.

Bahamian students win arbitration competition

Two Bahamian students won a trip to Miami for an arbitration event, where they gained expertise from the world’s leading practitioners.

Bahamas to adopt UN model arbitration law

THE Bahamas is aiming to adopt the United Nations (UN) model law on arbitration, Cabinet minister said yesterday.Brent Symonette, who was speaking at the opening of Royal Fidelity’s Economic Outlook conference, said: “We hope to adopt the UNCITRAL mo

Bahamas must make a ‘bang’ on arbitration

A leading attorney has proposed the creation of an international arbitration body in the Bahamas, telling Tribune Business yesterday that this nation must “proceed without further delay” to see off Caribbean competitors.

Bahamas to match world leaders via UN model reforms

The Government’s plans to adopt United Nations (UN) model law into Bahamian legislation will enable this nation to match leading international arbitration jurisdictions for “high quality service’, a legal specialist said yesterday.

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Bahamas needs more than laws for dispute centre

The Bahamas must do much more than just pass laws if it is to realise a 20-year ambition to become “this hemisphere’s arbitration centre”, a well-known QC has warned.

Domestic arbitration deal is finalised

A Cabinet Minister said yesterday that a Bahamian international arbitration centre would be built around the “three pillars” of trade, maritime and financial services, confirming that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) had been finalised for domestic arbitration.

Govt keeping dual arbitration regimes

THE government intends to keep separate regimes for domestic and international arbitration to ensure legal “certainty and clarity”, a Cabinet Minister has confirmed.

Immigration ‘screws up’ arbitration ambitions

THE Bahamas will never become an international arbitration centre until it its Immigration policies become more “flexible”, allowing parties to bring in their own arbitrators and lawyers.

Gov't negotiates aribitration MOU with the Chamber

THE Ministry of Financial Services is finalising a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation (BCCEC) to build the “capacity and framework” for domestic arbitration, the Minister of Financial Services revealed yesterday.

Court non-interference key to arbitration hopes

The courts must “not interfere inappropriately” if the Bahamas is to establish itself as a leading international arbitration centre, a top practitioner agreeing that this nation already possesses many of the requirements for success.

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Bahamas can become Americas' '21st century Arbitration hub'

The Bahamas can become the “21st century International Arbitration seat for the Americas”, a leading practitoner said yesterday, adding that it would take a five-year process for it to establish itself as such.

Arbitration inserted into BEC agreement

Dispute resolution clauses providing for arbitration were included in recent Heads of Agreement struck with international investors, as the Government seeks to make this the “standard” for all its commercial dealings.

Bahamas urged: 'Move quick' on arbitration plan

The Bahamas must “move very quickly” to fulfill its potential as the Caribbean’s arbitration hub, a leading attorney yesterday warning that ever-increasing competition was already “on our heels”.

CARICOM treaty gives Bahamas arbitration base

CARICOM’s founding treaty could provide the basis for a Bahamas-based regional arbitration centre, bringing the local economy “full circle” by supporting financial services, trade and industry.

Immigration policy kills arbitration

AS LONG ago as 2006, imaginative lawyers like Bar leader Peter Maynard as well as financial executives began encouraging arbitration in the Bahamas.

Bahamas ‘late in arbitration game’

The Bahamas can still realise its international arbitration centre ambitions despite being “late to the game” after 10-15 years of mere “talk”, a well-known QC argued yesterday.