GFerguson 7 years, 7 months ago

Interesting economics jhwgburnett. I do also agree with John as well. However jhwgburnett, for businesses to continue to be profitable they have to adapt to changes. A new law or new products can cause a substantial difference to a businesses. In this case, the web shop guys already have the means for research and development plus their hands are in the pockets of influential people. Thinking that persons buying numbers would be reduce according to your analysis is thinking narrow as the dynamics of running a business is always changing. Consider this: I really dont care for buying numbers or "spinning" but I do like poker just never played with real money. With gambling being legal, im sure someone will open poker houses and I will consider going there. This is one of the possibilities of legal gambling. I never use to gamble but if a poker house opens I would. Now the claims being posted around Nassau of the benefits of voting yes is also not accurate. I can say many things about this but the bottom line is that the country minus the number houses is a constant; they do not benefit the Bahamians directly or indirectly to a large degree as to consider them a commodity.

But whatever happens happens. Do as you wish people. I aint mad at ya


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