Ontario 10 years, 8 months ago

$90 for a room would be an enticement if the room was $90. If you want to advertise the room at $90 inclusive I'm sure you will see some new patrons. Of course that will not happen in this city or even in the country. Alc beverages in the bars and pool area are ridiculously high then you have to add the %15, why not put the %15 into the price and say no tipping because its included in the price. Beverages are usually complimentary in casinos but on cable beach you pay AND tip. When you checkout and get over the initial shock of the room bill the 1st thing that comes to mind is " WOW never again ". Put the taxes, fees, surcharges and resort tariffs into the price then advertise, sell your countries beer and rum at %50 discount and get people drinking and creating employment.


Ontario 10 years, 7 months ago

I have 6 - 8 friends who have stayed at the Crystal Palace a number of times over the past 15 years but have quit going there. They are all casino people and with them charging for beverages ( even Soda ) and the shock when they see the Extra charges on the room bill they are fed up. Resort fees, maid fees sales taxes, I think they even charge you a fee to add up all the fees. Likely charge you for the paper they put the bill on. They are going to Aruba this Nov for the 2nd time, find it more appealing and more welcoming. Picked up at the airport to hotel complimentary, in Nassau taxis ridiculously high.


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