august2013 7 years ago

It's a shame that the Cuban's had to come here from their native land to be beaten like dogs and hogs for us Bahamians to finally do something. People are sent to prison on a daily basis and we hear "horror" stories time after time that they are beaten by officers of the law! This needs to STOP! Officers are there to protect us. When one is sent to prison/detention centre officers are there to ensure that they are secured. The fact that officers have now admitted to this type of behaviour is unbeliveable...unthinkable! Why are we wasting time with them. FIRE them ! Bring them up on charges. It is time they be made an example for all the rest of the officers that think they can in-humanely and cruely beat people the way they did. Our country would not have been faced with this, if the powers that be would start to prosecute those who have been given the awesome task of protecting us, violates that trust. The Cuban's are gone! What about the Bahamian's that cry everyday...what will we do about the POLICE BRUTALITY that is happening on a regular basis. And this is not political, so I don't even go there! No matter which government was/is in power we constantly hear of police brutality. You know if the Bahamas ever was the way Cuba is, I would like to think that another country would accept me with open arms and take care of me, even if they had to send me back home. I personally would remember their kindness. Treat people the way you would want to be treated. Think about it, if a woman ran out of her house from her husband, and go to another island...would you take her in a abuse her? Would your treat her like a criminal? Or would you try to help her get herself together even is she decides to return home. We need to do better and show love in spite of their misfortune. Like the saying goes, "if you haven't had any trouble, just wait..." And to think those officers have families, wife, children. To you officers, You don't know where your family will end up, but I pray someone will not do to them, what you have done to those Cubans!


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