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There was some dissatisfaction from fans during Misfits’ fourth series, and the news that its fifth run would also be its last may have been the only thing bringing certain viewers back. With an improved finale and some pleasing developments for a few of the new cast members, I wasn’t one of those viewers, but no one can deny that things needed tweaking and improving upon before Misfits came back for a satisfying swan song. This first episode, then, had something to prove, and I’m pleased to say that it’s a mixture of late Misfits shenanigans and some of the cool superhero stuff that made series two and three so entertaining.

If Howard Overman and his fellow writers had listened too hard and done a complete u-turn, it wouldn’t have worked, so I’m pleased that they’re bringing some elements back and weaving them into the new show, rather than trying to make Finn, Alex, Jess and Abbey into Simon, Curtis, Alisha and Kelly. One version of the series ended after series three, and the final two years are something else entirely. I’m confident in saying that this premiere will entertain fans of Misfits’ usual shock value and crude humour, and it’s an entertaining way to introduce us back into the action for one last time. This premiere was lighter than last year’s uber-dark opener, at least.

I mentioned some superhero goodies, and they come in several forms. There are a new group of characters that our gang will come into contact with – all with their own abilities – and a fantastic tease in the final moments. We all knew that Alex would most probably be getting a new power, and it’s as ridiculous a reveal as long-time fans might expect. Sadly, it might not make Alex any more endearing or likeable than he was last year, but it’ll provide a ‘nice’ shortcut to general offensiveness for the writers nonetheless. This new power is the basis for one the premiere’s main storylines and I’d wager that its use has put a stop to both the Jess/Finn and Jess/Alex romances. Sorry shippers, but we all knew that the Simon and Alisha romance



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