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INTERCESSORS and prayer leaders from around the nation are the being called on to “man the gates” once again this weekend.

This Saturday’s call to prayer is round two of the Bahamas Manning the Gates prayer initiative, which will specifically gather intercessors and prayer leaders from countless churches throughout the country to offer prayer on behalf of the nation at the various gates that were selected for the initial prayer event.

National coordinator and visionary apostle Dr Brenda Pratt, senior leader of the Global Worship Centre, led the way in a “kingdom assignment” endorsed by The Bahamas Christian Council.

“Bahamas Manning the Gates National Prayer Initiative is a newly birthed prayer movement that has set out on a mission to revolutionise the nation of The Bahamas through the principles and power of prayer,” she said.

The initiative was inspired by the scripture, Joel 2:17, which admonishes priests “to weep between the porches and the altar”, and aims to bring repentance, reconciliation, revival and restoration to the nation through continuous corporate prayer and fasting.

It was this mandate that led to the events of August 29, with prayers offered at approximately 60 gates nationwide, with New Providence in particular, manning eight gates which encompassed a north, south, east, and west gate, in addition to gates that targeted the ports of entry of the nation’s capital such as the airport, Potter’s Cay and the Arawak Cay Container Port. Among these gates was also Rawson’s Square which was manned by the President of The Bahamas Christian Council, Dr Delton Fernander, along with members of the council.

In an official statement to Bahamas Manning the Gates National Prayer Initiative, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest commended the initiative and rendered special thanks to the “courageous and battle-ready” organisers and prayer warriors who are “unceasingly praying for our continued protection".

The initiative has also sought other pathways to relay the message of their mandate to the masses of the nation. Presently, the initiative hosts virtual prayer gatherings via Zoom every Tuesday at 6am, which also includes a fast between 6am and 3pm.

There is a public Facebook Group under the name “Manning the Gates - Bahamas” and the initiative has had prayer declarations broadcast via IL Studios’ Channel 224 and ZNS’ Channel 211 on a weekly basis to echo the message of hope and restoration to viewers of The Bahamas.

There will also be an education component led by Rev Diana Francis, senior pastor at First Baptist Church, in which religious education teachers and student Christian movement facilitators in conjunction with intercessors and prayer leaders will pray at various schools and campuses throughout the country.

The initiative hopes to continue rounds of prayer, intercession and praise and worship at the selected gates with different ministers and with ministries leading.

The national prayer initiative has an executive planning team including Pastor Dr Roslyn Astwood, Apostle Henry Higgins, Apostle Dr Sterling Mcphee, Dr Ellis Peet, Pastor Christopher Roberts, Min Arlene Thompson and Sis Destiny Murphy, along with Family Island Christian Council representatives and pastoral team leaders, many of whom served as gate team leaders.

For more information about the initiative, email bahamasmanninggates@gmail.com or join the “Manning the Gates-Bahamas” Facebook Group.


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