Bahamas ‘a major stop’ for high profile players, celebs

By Ty Olander

THE Bahamas is a major stop for high profile players. On any given day, somewhere in The Bahamas a high profile player or celebrity is basking in the sun or enjoying a round of golf at one of our top class golf courses.

Just this past weekend, Fred Perpall, the first black president of the USGA, and CEO of the Beck Group, played a round of golf at the world famous course at Albany, with the African American Golfers Hall of Fame newest member, our very own golf pro Glenn Pratt. 

The significance of this golf outing is far reaching in that Fred Perpall is a Bahamian and the 67th president of the governing body of golf in the United States and the first ever black person to head that organisation.

While this is an awesome accomplishment, Glenn Pratt was chosen to play a round of golf, but Glenn is also an awe inspiring story in that he was the first ever Bahamian professional inducted into the African-American Golfers Hall of Fame, just recently, while holding the post of The Bahamas Professional Golfers Association’s president for a second time.

The golf outing was a match made in heaven as both golfers have so much in common. 

Ideally, Fred Perpall is a graduate of the University of The Bahamas and a Chippingham product. While Glenn too is a Chippingham product and a present resident.

“Fred Perpall is an amazing person and it is my wish that every Bahamian could get an opportunity to meet him,” said Glenn. 

“As a Bahamian who has accomplished so much, yet so down right humble speaks volumes of how he got to be in the position he is. I felt his compassion for The Bahamas and Bahamians on the whole and we all should be proud of him. It was an awesome experience playing with him.”

The outing was enjoyed by both high profile players, as Fred at 6’6” initially played basketball and transitioned to golf where he found his calling. While Glenn on the other hand toured the United States playing golf on all circuits and developed into a prolific golfer, who can hold his own with the best of them.

Plans are already being made to broaden this relationship and attract even more high profile players to The Bahamas for world class golfing.


johnd 2 weeks, 5 days ago

what a stupid statement almost every day on and around the gulf coast of Alabama there is probably 500 or more celebs and sports people dumas

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