Commissioner shares CCTV footage of missing boy

Devin Isaacs.

Devin Isaacs.


Tribune Staff Reporter 


POLICE Commissioner Clayton Fernander said police have questioned three people about the disappearance of Devin Isaacs, 17, but the search for the teen is at a standstill.

Devin, who turned 17 on July 2, disappeared from his residence on May 15. Four days later, police issued a Marco’s Alert.

Police showed CCTV footage of Devin, which was taken an hour before he disappeared. The footage showed a car parked two houses away from Devin’s home shortly after midnight. Devin left home, entered the car and momentarily returned home. After the car left, Devin left his residence again a few minutes later and walked towards Carmichael Road.

Additional CCTV footage showed the 17-year-old walking alone in the area of Rubis Service Station, heading west on Carmichael Road.

Commissioner Fernander said police continue to go door-to-door within the area, giving out flyers.

He said: “Officers did a number of inquiries in that area to business establishments, went to residents in that area, followed the trail and the area that he went. At this point, we have not gotten any additional information, any other footage to connect his movement from this footage.”

He said the driver of the vehicle was questioned about Devin’s disappearance, but was released pending investigations.

He said officers retrieved Devin’s laptop.

Based on information received from their laptop, we narrowed it down to three individuals, male individuals, that he was in communication with,” he said. “Those persons were identified and were seen and they gave an account as to their last communication with Isaac.”

Commissioner Fernander said police checked the airport and hospital in case Devin appeared under an alias, but found nothing. He said officers continue to hold meetings with the teen’s family.


ThisIsOurs 1 week, 6 days ago

May 15th.

Remember that it was the stated "strategy" of the police not to show cctv footage because they "didnt want to impede the investigation".

I think our entire country has stockholm syndrome and everybody believes information is bad. Dont share it, dont speak it. Even if true!

It was unfathomable that a police force anywhere in the world having footage of a missing teenager would not take to the airwaves and tv stations to say this is where he was last seen, this is what he was wearing. They sat together and decided to hide information.

What are we to expect from any investigation current past or future? Likely more of the same until we start using intelligence. The real kind.

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