National Honours announced

THE National Honours for 2024 have been announced - including the Order of National Hero being awarded to a former slave. 

A statement from the Office of the Governor General said that she was "pleased to announce the conferral of awards under the National Honours Act to Citizens of The Bahamas". 

Former slave Kate Moss receives the Order of National Hero postumously. In the 1820s, Henry and Helen Moss were plantation owners in Crooked Island. Kate Moss was a young house slave there. She was accused of theft, insubordination and insolence by the plantation owners. 

The statement from the Governor General's office said: "During her early service, Kate refused to mend clothes as instructed by her owners, and consistently refused to carry out negative orders from her “owners”. Her refusals in the era of slavery, caused her repeatedly severe punishment from which she eventually died.

"Abolitionists in England learned about the plight of Kate and called Kate -"Poor Black Kate" and when the authorities in Nassau heard about her death, they charged Henry and Helen Moss with murder. They were found guilty, and the magistrate sentenced them to pay fines totaling £300 or spend five months in Nassau’s common jail.

"Kate’s death and her action against slavery became big news on both sides of the Atlantic in the late 1820s and 1830s, and it was used to strengthen the growing demand for the abolition of slavery, a movement in England led principally by William Wilberforce.

"Kate’s actions to stand up for herself would become an act of defiance that was strong enough to make an impact on slavery worldwide and impacted on the history of The Bahamas and the world and must never be forgotten.

"The National Honours Committee, therefore, recognises Kate Moss for her timely and determined courage demonstrated against racism and slavery."

The complete list of the other honours awarded is as follows: 

Order of The Bahamas - Companion

Bradley Roberts (Posthumously)

Cyril St John Stevenson , MVO (Posthumously)

Frank Howard Watson, CD

Franklin Wilberforce Walkine

Idris Reid

The Rt Rev Laish Z Boyd

Neville Wisdom

Rev Canon S Sebastian Campbell, CM

Order of The Bahamas - Officer

David Alexander Knowles

Rev Fr James Betram Moultrie

Joseph Robert Love , CD (Posthumously)

Order of The Bahamas – Member

Anita D Hilton-Bernard, CD, CMG

Sir Baltron B Bethel, KCMG, CMG

Basil O’Brien, CMG

Camille F. Johnson, CMG

Donald McKinney (Posthumously)

Estelle G Gray-Evans

Ethlyn Isaacs , OBE (Posthumously)

Franklyn Kennedy McPherson Williams

Herbert C Walkine , CMG, OBE, CVO (Posthumously)

Indira Nicole Demeritte-Francis

Leonard Joseph Knowles (Posthumously)

Margaret McDonald, CBE , CVO (Posthumously)

Maxwell James Thompson, OBE (Posthumously)

Patricia Fountain Lady Isaacs (Posthumously)

Rodney Ezekial Bain (Posthumously)

Wendell G Major, OBE

Order of Excellence

James Lawlor

John Joseph Issa

Order of Distinction - Companion

Albert Sidney Ferguson

Angela Missouri Sherman-Peter, MD

Anthony Alfred Adderley

Audrey Eloise Major-Rolle

Barbara Carey-Burrows

Barbara Zonicle

Belinda Madgalene Wilson

Berchenal A Bethel

Bernardette Thompson-Murray

Caleb Bernard Osbourne Hepburn (Posthumously)

Calvin Balfour

Carl Francis Smith

Charles James Turner

Charles Christopher Albury

Cheryl Marie Darville

Colin Deane (Posthumously)

Colin Leslie Higgs

Colleen Nottage

Creswell Sturrup

Cynthia Lorraine Duvalier

Cynthia Gibbs

Charles Davidson Hepburn, OBE

Diana Lightbourne

Doan Cleare

Earl H Seymour

Edwin Culmer

Elikam George Moss (Posthumously)

Elise Delancy

Elliston Rahming

Elma Garraway, MBE

Emily Monique Williams

Ernest John Bowe

Eugenia C Cartwright, OD

Franklyn Agustus Butler II

Franklyn J Kemp

Geannine Renee Moss

Glen Samuel Beneby

Glenn Gomez

Godfrey Randolph Williams

Harcourt Victor Brown

Harold Munnings, OBE (Posthumously)

Harrison Thompson

Hyacinth Winder-Pratt

Irene Patrica Clarke-Stubbs

Ivan Ford Butler, Jr

James Allardyce Campbell, MBE (Posthumously)

James Anothony “Tony” McKinney

Janeen McCartney

Japheth Edison Deleveaux (Posthumously)

Jeanette Bethel

Jennifer Johnson

John Berkley “Peanuts” Taylor, MBE

John Addington Rolle (Posthumously)

Joshua Sears

Kelsie Dorsett

Larry Demeritte

Leanza Elizabeth Gardiner–Keju

Leila Greene

Leona Rosalee Jane Fernander-Samuda (Posthumously)

Luther Emerson Smith

Maisie Evans

Marco Rolle

Mary Mitchell

Mary Sweetnam (Posthumously)

Melvin Carvel Seymour

Myrtis Geneva Russell

ehemiah Waywood Francis (Posthumously)

Rev Newton Williamson, BEM

Nikkiah Meoshi Forbes

Noreen Yvonne Major (Posthumously)

Oris Stanley Russell, CMG, OBE (Posthumously)

Patricia Eaine Joan Rodgers

Patrick Ernest Bailey (Posthumously)

Patrick Wright

Peter Deveaux-Isaacs

Philip Steven Weech

Philip Miller

Philip Berlin Munroe

Raymond Julien

Raymond Roosevelt Neilly

Rena Glinton

Renae Lunel Ferguson Bufford

Rev Reuben Edward Cooper, MBE

Rhonda Sheena Teresa Chipman-Johnson

Ronald Thompson

Roosevelt Anthony Philip Bethel

Rudolph Alexander Levarity

Samuel Toney Evans (Posthumously)

Shelia Gweneth Carey

Sherrylee Denise Smith

Stevenson Smith

Talmage Raymond Leo Pinder, JP

Terrance S Bastian

Thelma Ferguson-Beneby

Theophilus Coakley

Tonya Bastian-Galanis

Washington Williams

Wilbur Courtney Preston Major (Posthumously)

Wilfred Alexander Horton (Posthumously)

Willamae Salkey

William B Donsel Styles (Posthumously)

William Edward Poitier

Order of Distinction – Officer

Andrea Sweeting (Posthumously)

Antoinette Saunders

Carmen Dawkins

Carmen Gomez

Clara Lowe

Clarice Turnquest

Cloretta Denise Cargill-Gomez

Coralee Mackey

Donna Marie Delancy

Iris Loretta Williams

Ismella Davis-Delancy

Jacqueline Priscella Barnett-Bethel

Leon Wilson

Miriam L Curtiss

Nerissa Gibson

Roger Irvin Forbes

Rosemary C Pintard-Bowe

Order of Distinction – Member

Beverly Wallace Whitfield, Governor-General's Gold Award, MVO

Bendalee Adderley

Cypreanna Winters

Eddington Alexander Burrows

Kim Saunders

Kimberley McKinney-Rolle

Paul Cecil Aranha

Sonja Annette Poitier

Order of Merit - Companion

Albert Cyril Armbrister

Andrew Johnson

Androsia Christina Fernander

Anthony Morris (Posthumously)

Arnold Edwin Josey Sr

Cheryl Lenora Carey

Christian Justilien

Daniel Ferguson

Dianne M Kemp-Dunn

Emmanuel Wesley Francis

Gary Mackey

George Willis Bethell

Gillian Gia Curry Williams

Glenroy Derrick Aranha

Herbert Zacharias “Mamba” Burrows (Posthumously)

Hubert Milton Smith

Irene Francis Charlton

Iris Rosemaria Knowles nee Dillet

Jackswell Charles Percentie

Lawrence Luke Bethell

Leroy McFarland Whylly (Posthumously)

Letitia Rose Taylor Curry

Loyd Nelson Ferguson

Mario Arlington Bain Sr (Posthumously)

Michael Eddward Sweeting

Nikolas LaDen Barnes

Paul Joseph McWeeney

Pete Joel Campbell (Posthumously)

Pastor Phalmon Alexander Ferguson

Phyllis Joy-Anne Garraway

Pastor Prince Bodie

Ralph Francisco McKinney

Richard David Moss, BEM (Posthumously)

Ruby Nadeen Beneby

Whitfield Ralph Rolle

Order of Merit - Officer

Alvan Kenneth Rolle

Ashley Anthony Rolle

Bridgette Arlene Francis-Ingraham (Posthumously)

Bruce Cedric Darville

Chaswell Andre Hanna

Damien James Robinson

David Garvin Beneby

David Rahming

Dencil Livingston Rolle

Dennis Gilbert

Derek Noville

Derek W Smith, Sr

Donnalee Veronica Bowe

Dwight Alexander Adderley

Earl Andrew Thompson

Elaine Ernestine Sands

Gary Van Smith

Godfrey Michael Ellis

Henry Curry II

James Simmons

Janet Chantel McKenzie

John Wesley Ferguson

John Beadle(Posthumously)

Judith Carol Lightbourne-Blair

Kendal Hanna

Kenneth Dudley Calvin Flowers

Lillian Hudson Jones

Milton Hanna

Neville Adderley

Rendal Coleby

Roberto Tyrone Goodman

Rodger Thompson

Shanta Emily Knowles

Sherry Beneby

Theophilus Seabron Cox

Warren Louis Dwayne Johnson

Whitney Paul Ricardo Kenny

Wilfred Ferguson

Order of Merit - Member

Anthony Stanislaus Capron

Casuarina McKinney-Lambert

Charles William Major Sr (Posthumously)

Devynne Charlton

Edward Joseph Deveaux

Franklyn Gustavus Darling-Ferguson

Lester Gilbert Herman Maycock

Marisa Dawne Mason-Smith

Robert Bob Pinder

Rudolph Balfour

Order of Lignum Vitae

Shania Adderley

Medals for Acts of Bravery

Andrew Sweeting

Sean Symonette (Posthumously)

Distinguished Service Medal

Agnes Elizabeth Ferguson

Alfreda Doralene Strachan

Alsette Cortez Deleveaux

Angela Johnson

Angela Florence Cartwright

Anita Dillet

Ann Morley-Carmel

Audrey Elizabeth Mortimer

Audrey Doloros Sherman-Dean

Augustine Ivan Roberts

Austin Stephen Roberts

Barbara Elinor Gibson

Benedict Charles Dorsett

Bercil Miller-Taylor

Betty Anne Sutherland-Brown

Beluah Carroll

Beverley Patrice Pinder

Brenda Ruth Williams

Brian Knowles

Carlotta Zinda Klass

Cedric William Bethel

Celestine Mae Donnita Allen

Christopher Austin Bain (Posthumously)

Clinton Charles Scavella

Craig L Bowe

Cynthia Olive Poitier

Daniel Henry Leadon

David Irving Ferguson

Debbie Dian McKenize Lightbourn

Delores Sweeting

Donna Grant

Dorcas Albertha Moss

Ella Jane Anderson

Elton Hinsdale McKinney

Eugeina Renea Roberts

Everette Zenus Mackey

Fiordelisa Bain

Federick Albury

Gail Patricia Wisdom

Gerald Erskine Cunningham

Gladston Charles Thurston

Harrison Franklyn Horton

Henry Dummett

Howard John Bastian

Huedley Moss

Hylene Iynesta Moss

Ian S Clarke

Idamae Diane Ferguson

Ingrid Rolle

Ivan Patrick Joseph Deveaux

Ivan Patrick Turnquest

Jeffrey Livingston Francis

Jennifer Elaine Braynen

Joseph Augusta Cunningham Sr.

Joseph Lorenzo McKenzie

Juan Pratt

Judy Ann Wemyss

Kevin Morley Sr

Kirklyn Benjamin Smith

Leroy Milton Summer

Lester Rosewell Bain

Levant Wright

Leyland “Cojack” Laing Sr

Lillian Louise Smith

Livingstone Adderley Sr

Llewelyn Henry Williams

Louise Pople nee Rahming (Posthumously)

Louvenia Ulan Rolle

Lucille Adell Scavella

Lucine Mingo Sr

Macumbla Avard Alfred Smith

Madeline Lena Young

Malachi H Roberts

Majorie Maria Wallace

Mary Mitchell

Nelson Recardo Strachan

Nolan Bartlett

Norma Eudell Roberts

Octavia Isadora King-Johnson

Patrick Bethel

Paula May McGregor

Perry Rudolph Cunningham

Philip Anthony McPhee

Ray Thomas Davis Sr (Posthumously)

Reginald Forbes

Robert Lance Simmons Sr

Rodger Gorden Mortimer

Rodney Roland Gibson

Rosemary Hanna

Ruban “Bishop” Roberts

Rudolph Whitfield Arthur

Sandra Veronica Archer

Shannalee Sands

Sharon Elmae Scavella

Spurgeon David Lightbourne

Stanley Deveaux (Posthumously)

Sylvia Rosalie Curtis

Timothy Bailey

Timothy Moses

Urvan O’Neal Moxey

Vanria Belinda Munnings

Vincent Alexander Ellis Sr

Wendell Gregory Deveaux

Wendy Quant

Wendy Fernander

Wesley Leo Thompson

Wilhemena Ruth Gibson

Willard Barr


ExposedU2C 1 week, 5 days ago

LMAO......so much so that my ribs are hurting.

hrysippus 1 week, 5 days ago

No one can ever accuse the nominating committee of having a racist bias. There are about 50,000 Bahamians of European extraction , there appears to be only 2 on this list of Bahamians being honoured. Very curious. And one of the recipient s is no longer alive, which is not noted.

Sickened 1 week, 4 days ago

In the next 10 years every Bahamian will have been honored. I think I read Fred Mitchel's name like 7 times in that list.

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