Our national pride on the decline

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Great was it in that Dawn to be alive,

But to be young was very heaven.

These words penned by Wordsworth to express his joy at the French Revolution aptly describe the euphoria felt by countless Bahamians when the Bahamian flag replaced the Union Jack at Clifford Park on July 10, 1973.

Unfortunately as Wordwoth’s zeal lessened considerably over the excesses of the Revolution, so did our enthusiasm for independence wane in the following 50 years.

National pride has become the decorating of cars and houses with flags and wearing T-shirts in the National colours while making garbage dumps of our streets and beaches by indiscriminatingly dumping litter trusting that it would be removed by a clean up campaign by one of our civic groups, our once peaceful country has become a killing field with gunfire blazing all hours of the day and night, while residents cower in their homes afraid to stay in or go out. Small comfort is felt from the briefings of the COP promising a plan and touting figures hoping to convince us that crime is on the decline.

We send gussiemae delegations to climate change conferences where we berate bigger countries for bringing the world to this dangerous state, yet we ignore diesel polluting our pristine waters from leaking wrecks and do little or nothing to harness solar power from our ever shining sun.

With temperatures reaching unbearable and climbing out power company plagued with years of mismanagement is unable to keep the power on as residents in the capital and the Family Islands swelter and suffer financial loss from broken appliances.

Our public servants have become demigods who are above questioning from the people they serve and a recent example illustrates that some may be totally unsuited for their positions. Arrogant politicians take the stance that the Bahamian public is not entitled to know how its tax dollar is spent, and ignore questions asked. They go so far as to ignore the need for a FOI Act. 

Our schools and hospitals have long passed their sell by date as we graduate students who are functionally illiterate and solve problems with fists or weapons, and our health system has so many challenges that those who can afford it seek treatment abroad.

We have developed a society which promotes mediocrity as we award contracts, benefits and positions to persons based on the colour of their political shirt without concern for ability. Small wonder so many of our young stars are shining on other shores with no desire to return home.

We malign the memory of the late Sir Stafford Sands, but cling slavishly to his economic model of the 50s and 60s.

Yes, the bloom has fallen off the rose, and if we want to leave a country for our grandchildren we have to demand better from our servants in their governance of us, we also have to do more to preserve things that are precious like our marine resources. Obey the closed season, only the traffic laws, stop blowing your horns at drivers because you are in a hurry and want them to turn left when it is forbidden. Be courteous to our visitors, they do not have to come here, and show Bahamian courtesy and respect to each other.



June 2024.


DiverBelow 4 weeks, 1 day ago

As the July 10 Independence Celebration comes upon us, we must step away from the noise & artificial party back-slaping to ask a simple question: ARE YOU PROUD OF WHAT WE HAVE ACHIVED THIS YEAR? ...THE LAST 50? This author is correct here. It is time for personal reflection on what you are Willing To Accept, from our environment, from government, from clergy, from businesses, from employees, from family, from yourself. Real Pride comes from Respect

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