Time for Pintard to grow up

EDITOR, The Tribune.

"POLITICS make strange bedfellows" was played out in real-time recently. Picture this, jumping in and out from bed to bed, seeking rest finding none. The many angles of shenanigans became evident. The spin doctors had a field day, and the "expect the unexpected" psychology came charging in. Now everyone is dizzy.

Hubert Ingraham entered stage left. Of course, no one expected him not to impose himself in this latest episode of the FNM fairy tale.

In his usual 'bragadociousness', Ingraham confessed that he caused Minnis to become a leader and eventually prime minister. It was all about him.

There is a school of thought that Ingraham chose Minnis because he thought he could control him and eventually return, but Minnis, during Dorian, said that he did not need Ingraham anymore and that his time was over.

Ingraham could not wait to reverse the table by saying  recently that Minnis was "one and done!" And so it is.

The results exposed how unpopular Minnis is in the FNM and the country. It is safe to say that his political career is over. He could choose to remain on as MP for Killarney, but Ray Charles could see that his time as MP has ended. The question is, why wait and humiliate himself under Pintard's leadership, knowing that he will never get another nomination?

Bahamians witnessed firsthand that "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

We cannot forget how he gave himself the title "The Most Honourable," which, in my opinion, confirmed that the inferiority complex was in charge and that they should expect anything.

Minnis' track record exposed him as not a team player but a divider. He turned off all of his cabinet by making decisions apparently without their knowledge or input. They didn't even know that Minnis was taking them to war without their knowledge. They were eventually humiliated by political mastermind Philip E Brave Davis, who screamed checkmate while Minnis played checkers.

Pintard should catapult himself into a sense of security, raising his confidence now that he is the undisputed leader. Since the FNM has reposed confidence in him, he must employ a new level of political maturity. The FNM has placed all bets on him, and I expect him to at least be a good opposition. Still, what would worsen the present position is when he continues to allow pettiness, indiscipline, and being easily manipulated by everything contrary to his beliefs.

The country expects different points of view, even opposition. Still, they do not have an appetite for causing debate to sink into the gutter with unnecessary childish back and forth which will continue to leave a bad taste in the mouths of the unassuming listener and turn off the people who, for the most part, are looking for genuine debate that will educate all of us, not kindergarten "tit-for-tat".

It is my opinion that Pintard's Achilles heel is that he has become obsessed with being a tormentor rather than finding ways to extend an olive branch to the government on positive things instead of criticising everything.

Pintard should resist his financial backers and congratulate the government for feeding our children so that they can start their day with filled tummies conducive to learning. Another compelling Youth Guard programme designed to rescue our youth can only be positive, primarily if it is a replacement activity for a youth population that can become wayward and rain terror on the country.

There will be much consternation if this opportunity is missed.

To whom much is given, much more is expected.


Nassau, June 2024.


ExposedU2C 4 weeks ago

The voice of yet another all but extinct dinosaur. LOL

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