FNM still the party of the elites

EDITOR, The Tribune.

CONGRATULATIONS are in order for the newly reelected leader of the rump FNM and its Convention Committee on hosting what appears to have been a glittery convention. It would seem that attendees had a great time even if no real public policy initiatives were announced for it and a long shot if, they ever return to power in this life time. The convention also sealed the political fate for former PM, the Hon Doctor Hubert A Minnis (FNM-Killarney).

The difference between the enlightened Progressive Liberal Party and the FNM have been showcased. The FNM appears to be the party of the elites and the remnants of the former United Bahamian Party (UBP) by just a casual observation of the attendees. The PLP on the other hand remains the party of the least of the least within our nation. The stark battle lines have been drawn in the proverbial sand. The wide divisions within the FNM have also been exposed and it will be interesting to see just how those critical divisions will be settled or solved anytime before the next general elections.

The Davis administration has its work cut out for it. Inflation and the cost of living are two of the most vexing issues confronting the nation. The fast forward construction of the proposed new hospital here in New Providence and at least four additional Senior High Schools cum vocational institutes are critical if we are to elevated our long challenged educational and vocational systems. The construction of a dedicated Parliamentary Complex and the modernization of the Public Service are also mandatory for PM Davis and his administration. Lastly, state owned organisations must be divested, where possible, so as to rationalise the exorbitant amounts of taxpayers’ dollars and what some say are bloated employment levels.

The PLP will get these things done well within the next three years of its mandate bestowed in 2021. Davis has had the benefit of under studying All of our Premiers and Prime Ministers to date, in addition to preparing himself for the role which he is now in. He, more than anyone else, except for myself, with all due respect, fully understands the expectations of the Bahamian citizens. He would have learned what to do; what to not do and, for sure, how to actually govern.

None of the voluminous speakers at the now mercifully concluded one day convention of the rump FNM addressed any of the real issues confronting the nation much less possible solutions, from their view point. Apart from reelecting Pintard and the apparently ‘laziest’ National Chairman in its history all that most right thinking Bahamian listeners and viewers heard and saw was glitter and more glitter. In the main time the enlightened Davis administration has consistently and without slowing down or stopping its stellar governance of the nation. Glitter is one thing but actual governance is critical.

In fact, the mini convention was organised and presented by what I term ‘mini’ men and women, with all due respect. They wanted to first of all humiliated and demonise Minnis. Secondly, they wanted to prop up a visionless but ‘glittery’ Dauphin Prince and a Pretender to the high office of Prime Minister. In short these ‘mini’ men and women simply desired to have a glittery occasion and they got those things.

Now, it will be the job of Pintard of bringing the rump and badly divided FNM together once again. Like Humpty Dumpty, however, all of the King’s horses and all of his men/women will not be able to put him together again. The Davis administration will roll the FNM out, again. At least, the defeat which will be meted out, Big Time, to Messrs Pintard & Company come 2026 will easily eclipse the abject political flogging suffered by both the Ingraham and the Minnis led FNM interregnums. To God then, in all things, be the glory.



June 2, 2024. 


realitycheck242 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Keep on singing for ya supper Bodie. Your days at ZNS is numbered. From you get disbarred from the legal profession, you been a failure who done messed up everything ya daddy left you. Whish of of them brain fog disease you gat ?

pablojay 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Another one again! Just by looking at The Tribune online front page i was able to correctly predict another Ortland Bodie authored letter. My only suggestion to him is that he should end his letters with ," as in all things, to the PLP be the glory."

pileit 1 month, 2 weeks ago

what tripe, paragraph after paragraph of it.

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