Is it really to be a new hospital

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Ministers love to use very descriptive adjectives…when is a hospital a hospital? Surely the facility must require all departments not as would be called an ‘annex’.

The efficient PLP propaganda machine as good as they are have us all believing they will build a new hospital off Saunders - Oakes Field connector - far, far from true...even the Minister does not say that, but, of course, uses the descriptive word hospital because everyone wants to think a new hospital is coming.

It just ain’t you would be looking at borrowing $750-850m not $290m. Educated people tell me $290m too little, you looking really at $350m so watch sudden additional borrowing.

Can’t believe no private group ever spoke to government, we just ain’t like that hospitals are commercially viable.



June 2, 2024.


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