'New Day' govt is worst day

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Now Insurance Association admits 40 percent of all vehicles are probably uninsured. Shame on the insurance companies, additional shame on the RBPF - Road Traffic for being totally mute and not having ability to police a festering issue for over five plus years. Remember when in COVID ‘the ultimate’ said no need to licence vehicles?

Now probably $30-40m in direct revenue lost … how many accidents the innocent party has had to go to court for settlement. Why no licence plates? Can a vehicle be legally driven on the road without a licence plate?  Get a simple printing programme and produce signs on 8”x1” and tape inside on windshield... is that too much to think? Imagine the same Minister is supposed to correct BPL!

IDB Loans in default … where did that come from? 

Seems government only talks about the positive news and has no interest in correcting the obvious. New Day...sorry folks, worst day, we can’t run a government like this.



June 3, 2024.


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