Pintard will be PLP's nightmare

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Election - re-election and confirmation of Michael Pintard as leader of the FNM Party and also holds the support of the majority of non-Government MP’s is a nightmare for the PLP…they were praying for Minnis to win. Imagine being able to use all the Minnis mistakes. He might not be a FNM candidate!

911-912 National Emergency service. Where is the responsible Minister with a clear announcement what went wrong. Is it RBPF control centre who manage this essential service? Who is it? How is it that no one saw the system was malfunctioning?

Licence Plates - weeks have gone by...no money to buy the metal or has the imprinting machine at Prison broken down? Is it legal to drive without licence plates? Far too many who have them shield the plate with a dark plastic cover...make that illegal. Finally 90-day Insurance gone.

Health - we are not building a hospital, just an annex-extension...know the PR spin. Who will be using this? Main suggest maternity, but Bahamians not having babies...good question so for who?

We seem to be disintegrating, but bluffing ourselves that all is well.



June 4, 2024.


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