Pintard era really begins

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I WISH to congratulate Michael Pintard on his re- election as leader of the Free National Movement and the person who will take us into the next General Elections whenever they are called, and say to him it is time to really get to work now that a major distraction has been removed.

It has been interesting to note the criticisms of Mr Pintard’s speech which was delivered at the end of a bruising day. His clearly articulated and communicated positions on behalf of the party on the night of the convention are welcome and needed. I expect Mr Pintard and his team to slowly flesh out his programmes/platform for the eventuality that we all expect, when he takes the oath of office as the next Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

If I may say so, this is also the perfect opportunity for Dr Minnis to get back in the mix, providing the benefit of his experience as a former prime minister and the voice of a senior parliamentarian (17years). It will help to repair his no show selfish image. He can also begin the process of becoming the statesman a former prime minister should be, and in the process help the party that gave him his greatest opportunity and the one he pledged to support!

Of course, the lights hadn’t been turned off at the party before the boo birds and to borrow from one of our better columnists, the nattering nabobs of negativism came out, led by none other than the chairman of the PLP, the local version of Donald Trump with a Harvard certificate.

In my opinion a master of incivility, Fred Mitchell, at every opportunity drags the political discourse into the gutter! His enablers and supporters, including his colleagues in the PLP, like Trump supporters, seem to, in my option, think it’s a badge of honour to be disrespectful of traditions and people, hurling insults and demeaning language by the truckload at the drop of a hat. If there is a public figure to whom the word “unhinged” would apply it would be the member for Fox Hill. He might want to take some lessons in social graces from his senior in high school, former education minister Jeffrey Lloyd.

But Mr Pintard, I say that your best days are still ahead of you. The criticisms will come, especially from the PLP because they know you will continue to hold them accountable for their misdeeds. As your wonderful mother, Sister Laura, would say, be of good courage, sir, and keep your eyes on the prize.


Nassau, June 5, 2024.



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