Unenforced laws are pointless and insulting

A LAW is only as good as its enforcement.

So the news that there has yet to be a single prosecution under disabilities legislation makes one wonder what is the point of the law in the first place? 

Typically, an unenforced law becomes disregarded. With no realis- tic prospect of prosecution, first one person ignores it, then another, then it becomes widespread. 

For those who are supposed to be protected by such a law, it is an insult, a spit in the face. Here is a law that is a token measure only. No real pro- tection for you. You don’t matter. That’s what an unenforced law is truly saying. 

It can even undermine the legal system overall – if you can ignore that law, why not another? Why not sev- eral others? 

Some would say with such laws as those on public disclosures being treated like a sham, we are already doing so. 

And if someone does end up being prosecuted while others are not, why is there such a selective enforcement? There are already concerns in our country that it does not always seem 

that there is one law for everyone. The lengthy delays that some court cases experience while others are fast-tracked certainly seems to show that at times. 

What if a political supporter of one party was charged with failing to follow a law while a supporter of another was not? 

The law must be even-handed. It must not turn a blind eye to one law in favour of another. It must not choose to whom the law applies. 

One would hope that the original intention was to ensure that things changed for the better. That this was not simply a piece of legislation just passed for show, for an audience here at home or internationally to live up to commitments previously made. 

So do we really mean this legisla- tion, or do we not? 

If we do, it’s time to enforce it. If we do not, then repeal it and throw it away and stop pretending we are doing something when we are doing nothing. 

Then explain to those who it was intended to benefit why they do not deserve such laws to help them, if you dare. 


birdiestrachan 3 weeks, 4 days ago

How many people are on bail how many ankle bracelets. The court system there is no need to add to an overburden court system it is a minor offense, revenge is sweet but leave this one alone,

birdiestrachan 3 weeks, 4 days ago

I am writhing about parking in their spaces they have not said what laws they are talking about nor has the editorial

DWW 2 weeks, 4 days ago

financial disclosure. for the ones in the back

birdiestrachan 3 weeks, 3 days ago

But this organization should address what happened to Mrs Rocker Carey,,

DWW 2 weeks, 4 days ago

how about car and boat license and registration?

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