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IN THIS era of TikTok influence - the “girlies” are promoting more now than ever - the importance of taking time to “date yourself” as a woman.

The fear of being seen alone in public places are a thing of the past, as women are boldly showing up on solo dates to simply love themselves.

“Solo dates are more popular with single women, but I believe it is just as important for those women than are in relationships,” said one Bahamian woman, Rachel.

She went on to add: “ We tend to get so wrapped up in our romantic relationships that we involve every single thing that we do, around our partner.

“You consider them before considering yourself sometimes. I used to cancel plans if my partner didn’t want to join me at certain places I wanted to go. But that doesn’t happen anymore, we both take time to enjoy things that we love doing, together and separately, which is not only important, but healthy.”

For Melissa J, she believes there is a level of confidence that comes with dating yourself as a single woman.

“I am speaking from experience. If you are in a period of singleness, you don’t have to entertain the next man that is interested.

"It is completely okay to take a break from dating. When you can walk into a restaurant looking all good, ask for a table for one, sit there mind your business while eating your food and enjoying your drink - this is a flex. I am speaking from experience.”

She added: “I remember clear as day, a lady and her girlfriends just staring at me while I was enjoying some me-time at a restaurant. And I thought it was weird until she said to me, I love your vibe. You are just over there looking like self-love and I love it.

"That made me feel so good because it was the absolute truth," she said.

"You want a five star meal? Take yourself out for it. You want to go for a drive on a Sunday for ice-cream? Go and get it. Do not deprive yourself of things because they are things you believe come from the kind gestures of a partner.”

Another woman, Charissa said she romanticises her life by buying things that make her happy.

“There is nothing wrong with buying yourself flowers, and don’t ever let anyone convince you that it is. “My favorite section in the Fresh Market is the floral section.

“And they get me every time because it is right at the entrance of the store.

“Just looking at them in a fresh vase in my home brightens my mood. These are things I like to see around me. I work hard so I treat myself to a purchase every month.

“It is my money that I am working very hard for. Yes, we all want to get wined and dined by men, it feels good.

“But in the meantime as a single woman, you are just going to wait for someone to give you things you want?

Charissa added: “Also, my favorite search on TikTok are Amazon finds.

“From fancy bed sheets and candles, to kitchen gadgets like pasta makers - these are things that make me happy. When I am in relationship, I will get to share all these things with that special person - until then - I am quite fine with giving it to myself.”


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