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Retired nurse pleads for a new kidney

AFTER giving over 40 years of service to the local healthcare system, a retired Bahamian nurse is now facing her own major medical battle and hopes a kidney donor will come forward to provide her with the miracle she so desperately needs.

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Ocean Club Golf Course supports Sister Sister breast cancer group

For yet another year, the Ocean Club Golf Course’s General Manager Robbie Leming along with friends and members have launched a 100-hole challenge in effort to raise money for the Sister Sister Breast Cancer Support Group.

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THE UROLOGY DOCTOR IS IN...Too fast too soon – the ordeal of premature ejaculation Part II

Premature ejaculation afflicts an estimated one in three men in the Bahamas and throughout the world. Men in this country sadly often endlessly suffer in shame and despair from this very correctable medical problem.

Angels revisit the BAPD

In early February, the children of the Bahamas Association for the Physically Disabled were blessed with an outpouring of loving care and generosity from a team of volunteer professionals from West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Seven tips for fall prevention

If you find yourself concerned about falling or are experiencing frequent falls, you are not alone. In my work as a physical therapist with older adults, this concern is voiced frequently by my clients.

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Improving relationships by improving health

Successful relationships between men and women lead to a myriad of positive effects on society.

Nursing - not only a profession for women

CHRISTON Deveaux was the only male in the nursing cadet programme at his alma mater CR Walker back in 2012. Fast forward a decade later, and the field of nursing almost mirrors those days - Christon still stands as one of few male nurses touching lives through health care.

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Canary in a coal mine


IN THE 1900s, British coal miners were exposed to carbon monoxide and other lethal toxic gases. John Scott Haldane and his research on carbon monoxide would in that age provide a solution of using canaries, as early indicators of trouble prompting the miners to evacuate.

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Trouble with ‘round two’

At some point in their lives, almost all men deal with the problem of not being able to achieve an erection quick enough after experiencing the first ejaculation.

Letting go...the hair edition

AS the famed French fashioned designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel once stated, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

Foundation warns people not to become “slack” in fight against HIV/AIDS; will take outreach to the Family Islands

THE Bahamas AIDS Foundation is planning to take its efforts to the Family Islands as it seeks to educate more Bahamians on the disease.

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High dairy intake linked to increased prostate cancer risk

There is a saying that milk does the body good, and another that states moderation in all things is the best policy. Prostate cancer has the highest incidence of any cancer in the Bahamas.

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‘Doctor Tazz’ breaks her silence on infertility and miscarriages in new book

For many years, author and church ministry leader Dr LaTazia “Doctor Tazz” Stuart suffered silently with the secret of infertility and miscarriages, feeling ashamed and embarrassed even after finally having children.

The worst pandemic facing the Bahamas is obesity

According to the World Obesity Federation, the Bahamas had an adult obesity rate of 27.9 percent in 2021. The Bahamas was ranked the sixth most obese country in the world according to 2014 statistics by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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Thriving with diabetes

New course provides information and support for those living with condition

SINCE there is still no cure for diabetes, those diagnosed must consider an overhaul in lifestyle practices to ensure proper management and control of the condition.