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DIANE PHILLIPS: I stopped by a building while on Dowdeswell Street

SOME things you just have to set eyes on to appreciate. Like Beyonce. Or Taylor Swift. Or a building on Dowdeswell Street that was recently transformed.

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Eric Wiberg – Sunk in Nassau harbour: The Fancy and the Pilot Boat

TWO vessels were lost in Nassau harbour – one of them huge and famous, the other a tiny nameless rowboat whose loss is commemorated with a 20-foot stone tower on the country’s busiest street.

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STATESIDE: The tale of two martyrs

A GROUP of friends had gathered for one couple’s anniversary party just outside Philadelphia.

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FRONT PORCH: The power of empathy and service to others

“SERVICE is what prayer looks like when it gets up off its knees and walks around the world.” – Fr Michael Graham, SJ.

EDITORIAL: Corporate income tax - pain or gain to come?

GLOBAL pressure has told – The Bahamas is going to comply with an international push to charge a corporate income tax of 15 percent.

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ALICIA WALLACE: It’s easy to blame mother when bad things happen, but not often accurate

IT is easy to blame societal issues on women — mothers in particular. It is easy to blame them on “broken” homes. It is easy to blame them on less commitment to Christianity.

EDITORIAL: Jury rules manslaughter in inquest - what now?

“Justice is served.” That was the cry of a mother as a jury at Coroner’s Court ruled that a police shooting was homicide by manslaughter.

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PETER YOUNG: A courageous man of principle

AT the two-day annual Munich Security Conference held at this time of year politicians and diplomats discuss the world’s security challenges.

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FACE TO FACE: Angelique shares the gift of playful learning

WHO would have known that playing with flowers and twigs in the backyard, drawing a hopscotch board on the road with chalky rock, and skipping pebbles along the top of a turquoise sea would one day lead to a professional career helping children to learn better by playing! Angelique Shantel Thompson cherishes her childhood days in The Bahamas.

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WORLD VIEW – Fortifying international law: safeguarding global stability

IN today’s complex global landscape, peace and prosperity face significant threats due to a blatant disregard for international law and the meticulously constructed human rights framework established since the aftermath of World War II. This disregard poses a grave threat to the stability of nations worldwide.

EDITORIAL: Ballet brings more than just a show to The Bahamas

A REMARKABLE event took place last week – two nights of ballet to add to the Bahamian social calendar.

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ONE ELEUTHERA FOUNDATION – Educational tourism: A sustainable and transformative niche

In an era where travel is increasingly driven by unique experiences and personal enrichment, niche tourism, particularly Educational Tourism, is emerging as a transformative force not only for travelers but also for small local economies and social development.

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STATESIDE: Biden should be wary of underestimating Trump

“Wow. What a weekend. Too many more like this one and we’re finished.”

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FRONT PORCH: Signs of failure and dysfunction still plague us

Last year there were 103 homicides in Greater London, with a population of approximately 8.9 million. The Bahamas, with approximately 400,000 people, had 110 murders, the majority of them on New Providence, with a population of approximately 300,000. Stabbing accounted for 65.05 percent of the homicides in London. The greater majority of homicides in The Bahamas are caused by guns.