EDITORIAL: Women who have inspired us

WOMEN’S Month is almost upon us – and with it International Women’s Day on March 8.

EDITORIAL: Enforce the laws to reduce stray dog numbers

THE sight of dogs roaming our streets is a familiar one to us. For Bahamians, we have long been used to seeing potcakes – and other breeds – travelling alone or in packs around our islands. Just because it is familiar does not make it right.

EDITORIAL: Corporate income tax - pain or gain to come?

GLOBAL pressure has told – The Bahamas is going to comply with an international push to charge a corporate income tax of 15 percent.

EDITORIAL: Jury rules manslaughter in inquest - what now?

“Justice is served.” That was the cry of a mother as a jury at Coroner’s Court ruled that a police shooting was homicide by manslaughter.

EDITORIAL: Ballet brings more than just a show to The Bahamas

A REMARKABLE event took place last week – two nights of ballet to add to the Bahamian social calendar.

EDITORIAL: So, is crime affecting bookings, or not?

TOURISM Minister Chester Cooper was on the offensive yesterday – and given the recent spat over media coverage of murders made for interesting listening.

Balance required on ‘more intrusive policing’

THE response to the recent spike in murders has seen a particular trend – with a greater emphasis on police action balanced against the question of human rights.

EDITORIAL: ‘Are we about hiding the truth?’

“Are we about hiding the truth?” Not our words but those of Philip “Brave” Davis. Not today, but back in 2012, when he was in Opposition.

EDITORIAL: Let businesses know of changes in good time

RECENTLY in this column, we talked about the ease of doing business – or lack thereof – in The Bahamas.

EDITORIAL: Questions over violence interrupters

THE Minister of National Security must think we are fools.

EDITORIAL: Do not turn a blind eye to those struggling

THERE is a problem that besets many in our nation that we sadly too often turn a blind eye to – the issue of homelessness.

EDITORIAL: Is anti-crime plan just a glossy brochure?

WHEN the current administration launched its anti-crime plan in response to the wave of killings that marked the start of this year, FNM chairman Dr Duane Sands described it as a “glossy brochure”.

EDITORIAL: How easy would it be if govt would only listen?

ONE of the common frustrations with government is the feeling that as a whole it does not listen.

EDITORIAL: Police must stay away from bias

THERE are serious matters to be considered after the FNM complained of collusion between PLP operatives and the police.

EDITORIAL: Failing to provide ‘ease of doing business’

IF there is one phrase that The Bahamas continues to fail to live up to, it is “ease of doing business”.