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FNM: WHERE IS SALE OF GRAND LUCAYAN? Pintard blasts Cooper over lack of progress on hotel and airport

MICHAEL Pintard blasted Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Chester Cooper for not yet overseeing the sale of the Grand Lucayan resort and for not getting an airport in Grand Bahama.

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Diamond depository deal would help ensure Botswana not ‘held hostage’ by global north

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis elaborated on his hopes of turning Grand Bahama into a depository for diamonds from Botswana during the closing press conference of his trip.

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Govt considers giving bench or jury trial choice

ATTORNEY General Ryan Pinder said government might consider changing the status quo of the judicial system so people could choose between bench and jury trials.

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‘Well being of The Bahamas does not permit us to accede to Amnesty International’s request’

NATIONAL Security Minister Wayne Munroe rebuffed Amnesty International’s call for countries to suspend repatriations to Haiti and revealed that two Royal Bahamas Defence Force vessels departed for Haiti with 263 Haitian nationals on Tuesday.

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Act amendment mandates boat insurance

AMENDMENTS to the Boat Registration Act that passed the House of Assembly yesterday mandates that boat owners have a comprehensive insurance policy and outlines inspection requirements and registration fees.

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Irate Opposition rows over shortened House session

A LIVELY ending to yesterday morning’s House of Assembly sitting saw Free National Movement (FNM) members stand up and yell that democracy was being flouted.

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Taxi fare rise gazetted, as bus drivers still wait

ENERGY and Transport Minister JoBeth Coleby Davis said the long-promised ten per cent taxi fare increase for New Providence drivers has been gazetted, giving nearly 2,000 cab motorists the first increase in over six years.

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Govt defends $192k new BMW for PM

THE Office of the Prime Minister defended government’s purchase of a $192,000 BMW for the prime minister after people debated the appropriateness of buying the luxury car when many struggle with the cost of living.

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Pintard joins PM in call for reform of United Nations Security Council

ONE day after Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis called for the United Nations Security Council to be reformed, Free National Movement leader Michael Pintard said the FNM believes more equity in decision-making at the United Nations is needed.

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Davis wants to see financial industry back to 30% of GDP

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis said he is fighting to see the financial services industry represent 30 percent of the country’s GDP as it was before scrutiny and regulatory pressure from other jurisdictions caused it to shrink.

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PM CALLS FOR UN REFORM OVER GAZA: Davis hits out at veto used to block calls for ceasefire

PRIME Minister Philip “Brave” Davis called for the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to be “revamped and reformed” after the United States used its veto power to kill multiple draft resolutions calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, where thousands of Palestinians have been killed.

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AG plays down prospect of referendum on juries

ATTORNEY General Ryan Pinder downplayed the possibility of eliminating jury trials after prominent former and current judges emphasised the benefits of such a move.

PM leads delegation from Bahamas to visit Botswana

FIVE members of the executive branch of government are joining Prime Minister Philip "Brave" Davis as part of a delegation visiting Botswana from today until Friday.

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Road repairs completed in 14 areas of New Providence

WORKS Minister Clay Sweeting gave an update on the country’s road repairs with 65 miles of arterial and community roads to be completed across New Providence.

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Crackdown on illegal shanty electric supply

THE government is going after generator owners who illegally provide electricity to residents in shanty town communities for a charge, according to Works Minister Clay Sweeting.