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Dr Edrica D Richardson is the author of a new book helping people in their relationships.

Dr Edrica D Richardson is the author of a new book helping people in their relationships.


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IN A new book titled “This Isn’t’ Working For Me”, Dr Edrica D Richardson creates a practical guide for making every relationship in a person’s life more fulfilling, authentic and intentional.

The licenced marriage and family therapist, clinical supervisor, and professor - is happy to add author to her many hats. As a therapist with over a decade of expertise, her clinical specialties include relationship issues, individual issues, family counselling, and life coaching to name a few. Dr E, as she is called by those who know her, have a main goal to help clients become their full-selves in both their personal and professional lives.

Her passion continues by way of spreading the word as it relates to the importance of healthy relationships and improving mental health through awareness.

Dr E said the new book will help persons break family patterns and overcome relationship triggers.

This Isn’t Working for Me is an interactive book that offers step-by-step strategies for improving the relationships. Each chapter explains the stages of growth in a healthy, fulfilling relationship, and offers exercises, reflective questions, and eye-opening secrets to help implement and integrate what the reader has learned.

“Most of us want to prevent drama and pain in our relationships, yet somehow remain stuck in a cycle that feels too hard to stop. So hard, in fact, that it might seem easier to decide we are “done” with people (or at least with one person) rather than try any longer. However, relationships are an essential part of being human. Regardless of social class, gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion, we are all social and emotional beings connected to the people in our lives today and to the generations who came before us,” said Dr E.

She said the goal is to give readers the tools for seeing themselves and their relationships in a new way so they can feel empowered, and have more flexibility. Dr E believes this frees you to be yourself and to respond to others in more effective ways.

“About 5 years ago in the middle of the night I got up and wrote a book idea and outline in my phone. And I kept saying I would do it, but as my therapy practice grew and speaking engagements increased time got away from me.

This is my first professionally published book and it has been a labor of love. For many years my clients and participants at different speaking engagement events have asked if I had a book so they could dive a bit deeper into my words. I finally did it, y’all,” said Dr E.

As a new but evolving author, Dr E said she is becoming more confident in her voice to make it more relatable. In this new book, she wants readers to be able to hear the words, see an image, and apply the tools in their everyday life. Her goal as an author is to create a space for others to help find their voice.

“You may have come to this book looking to soften an intense and challenging relationship, rejuvenate a relationship that feels flat and unfulfilling, or perhaps attract a compatible life partner. No matter what your motivation might be for embarking on this self-work, bear in mind that this is a process, not a project. Human beings exist in a constant state of evolution subject to ever-changing conditions.

Relationships require work, but if you approach this work intentionally and do a little each day, you will develop into the person you want to be in any relationship,” said Dr E.

She is happy to share that Bahamians are receiving the book really well, expressing excitement for the content.

“Nothing means more than when you are acknowledged in your hometown, while you are still around to receive it. Many have expressed how they can’t wait to use the book to help a healing journey. They all just want their copy to hurry up and get to them and get it signed.

The book is available on all platforms books are sold, Barnes & Noble, PESI, Amazon, Walmart, and all Audiobook platforms,” said Dr E.

As the year continues, Dr E said a goal of hers is to add podcast to her portfolio that will be geared towards helping people heal through conversation.

“Additionally, I will be starting my next book focused on couples and the relationship shifts throughout the years. As we know, no healthy family can happen without a healthy relationship foundation from parents,” said Dr E.


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