Reconstruction surgery specialist offers advice


Jorge Manrique-Succar and Shenika Nesbitt.

DR JORGE Manrique-Succar MD, who specialises in orthopaedic oncology and hip and knee adult reconstruction surgery at Cleveland Clinic Florida, offered advice to Bahamian medics at an event at Margaritaville recently.

Dr Manrique shared information on Robotic Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA), a robotic procedure that offers more precise visuals allowing better precision for doctors performing the procedure.

Speaking at the Bahamas Medical Association’s annual conference, Dr Manrique, a pioneer in robotic knee surgery, stopped short of ruling out manual surgery, explaining that while the more expensive robotic procedure shows many promising potential benefits, additional research is needed for a full and complete comparison between the two forms of dealing with knee replacement.

Although additional studies are needed, there is evidence robotic surgery may be better than traditional surgery. Robotic TKA offers greater precision, objectivity in perception, and predictability, he said.

Typically used in patients suffering from advanced arthritis, the procedure is gaining support and attracting interest because of its benefits to patients. Studies show the procedure allows for a faster recovery time due to less soft tissue damage and greater bone cuts predictability.

“Robotics is more precise in terms of radiological precision compared to manual knee replacement surgery,” Dr Manrique told the audience.

Based on results from a prospective multi-centre study over five years, Robotic TKA is more precise than manual surgery in cases of tibial alignment, tibial slope, and femoral component rotation. That study showed patients reported excellent results after their procedure.

This study included 861 patient-reported outcomes. The study concluded there were significant improvements in patient outcomes with eight superficial infections and four revisions on patient surgeries.

“While manual surgery is still a great option, Robotic TKA is potentially superior to it,” said Dr Manrique. “Not all robotic surgery is the same and you must learn to use it correctly. It does not guarantee an excellent knee replacement surgery.”

Studies show that arthritis occurs in almost all people over the age of 60, 10-20 percent have symptoms, and 6.1 percent of adults over 30 have radiographic evidence of osteoarthritis with pain most days.

Knee arthroplasty is only one of the treatment options for persons with osteoarthritis. Others include non-operative measures such as physical therapy, bracing, and injections such as cortisone and hyaluronic acid.

Patients with OA are also recommended to use high stools, avoid high impact exercises, and engage in physical activities such as swimming and bike riding.


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